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Description City State Jobs Cost Program Type Vote Ratio
Remote Observation and Surveillance Equipment Alpharetta GA 0 $300,000 Public Safety -22
Covert Ops/Narcotics surveillance vehicle Arlington TX 0 $130,000 Public Safety -18
Unmanned aircraft program to increase surveillance and security Arlington TX 0 $625,000 Public Safety -106
Video surveillance for Project ready to begin in 90 days. One of lowest average income cities in the county.City utilities including the water system for a century old city. Auburn WA 21 $500,000 Public Safety -38
Surveillance cameras for Public Housing and City wide in areas of greatest need. Bessemer AL 10 $4,000,000 CDBG -25
New/replacement Surveillance Equipment Bowling Green KY 2 $300,000 Public Safety -12
Perimeter Protection and Surveillance Entry Notification - Security improvements for water treatment and other utilities facilities Boynton Beach FL 3 $227,670 Water -34
Camera surveillance monitoring room expansion Buffalo NY 0 $300,000 Public Safety -26
Public Safety Wi-Fi and Video Surveillance System Charleston SC 17 $4,000,000 Public Safety 0
Video Surveillance Systems Installation at 14 schools Charleston SC 35 $700,000 Schools 11
CCTV Surveillance System Section 6 and Surveillance Officers Columbia SC 4 $2,905,610 Public Safety -22
Surveillance Equipment and Fiber Network Elizabeth NJ 0 $750,000 Public Safety -12
Police Officers to Monitor Surveillance Equipment Elizabeth NJ 10 $1,200,000 Public Safety -20
15 Video Surveillance Cameras for ITS/Incident management. Fawyetteville, NC Fayetteville NC 4 $400,000 Streets/Roads -69
Surveillance Video Network to Monitor High Crime Areas within the City of Florissant. Florissant MO 5 $400,000 Public Safety -22
Friars Point Elementary School Video Surveillance System Installation Friars Point MS 5 $150,000 Schools -11
Electronic Surveillance Equipment Frisco TX 0 $55,000 Public Safety -21
Tactical Surveillance Systems - SWAT Hamilton NJ 1 $30,000 Public Safety -24
Surveillance Equipment for the Intelligence Unit and Gang Unit, Undercover Intel Vehicle, and Intel Analyst Position Hampton VA 1 $164,000 Public Safety -2
Parks Safety Program:Federal funding will provide for the installation of security surveillance and Hirsch access systems at various park sites, including cameras, control devices, software and monitors. The systems will be used to monitor parking lots. Inglewood CA 8 $400,000 Public Safety -2
Open Dumping Surveillance System Jackson MS 3 $75,000 Energy -2
Jonestown Elementary School - Video Surveillance System Installation Jonestown MS 5 $150,000 Schools -4
New/Replacement of undercover and surveillance equipment to assist officers with the detection and prosecution of defendants Lake Station IN 5 $125,000 Public Safety -40
Enhance Terminal Security/Surveillance System Little Rock AR 10 $400,000 Airport -5
Fiber Optic Network Backbone on Arterial Network (Traffic Control and Video Surveillance) Little Rock AR 0 $5,300,000 Public Safety -13
Public Safety Surveillance Equipment (Parking garages, City facilities and grounds, and public high crime areas) Livermore CA 7 $1,500,000 Public Safety -6
Video Surveillance System McAllen TX 40 $2,000,000 Public Safety -10
City Wide Surveillance Camera Project- Install cameras in areas of higher rates of crime and city property. North Richland Hills TX 5 $3,500,000 Public Safety -39
Surveillance Camera Network - A citywide camera system will be installed to enhance the DepartmentÂ’s ability to respond to criminal activity and investigate crimes. (OPD). Funds would convert space in the Eastmont Police Station into a state of the art f Oakland CA 67 $5,600,000 Public Safety 21
Waterside Wireless Surveillance System, GR5, Phase 2 Oakland CA 9 $750,000 Water -3
Portable, wireless video cameras for spot surveillance and alert reporting Oakland CA 30 $2,450,000 Water 7
203rd Street Video Surveillance Project-Homeland Security Olympia Fields IL 10 $300,000 Public Safety -13
Expand video surveillance system to include live video feed, 911 interface and ADA compliant annunciator system. Omaha NE 4 $774,360 Transit -2
Orlando Police Department's Drug Enforcement Division is currently utilizing out-dated covert audio and video equipment. The equipment is approximately 5 to 10 years old. The division is also in need of night vision optics to assist in surveillance during Orlando FL 0 $285,000 Public Safety 1
Equipment/Technology - purchase 6 stinger stytems, 5 tactical entry rifles and undercover surveillance video/audio equipment for patrols and narcotics division and replace retiring K-9 unit including cost of dog Ottawa IL 14 $60,000 Public Safety -11
VSS Fiber Plant: Laying network of fiber to enable technologies such as video surveillance cameras. Philadelphia PA 125 $40,000,000 Public Safety -2
Surveillance Camera System Installation at various locations Riverdale IL 13 $500,000 Public Safety 1
Aerial surveillance drone to monitor crowd and event situations; 1 officer and equipment Salt Lake City UT 1 $200,000 Public Safety -21
Install Surveillance Cameras System City-Wide with Shot-Spotter Technology Shreveport LA 10 $3,000,000 Public Safety -19
Surveillance equipment: night vision goggles, bait tracker, wire box, encrypted radios, and pen link Sparks NV 4 $45,000 Public Safety -83
Implementing a surveillance camera system throughout downtown business district and adjoining Gaines Street corridor - utilizing technology as a tool for crime reduction Tallahassee FL 75 $7,500,000 Public Safety -57