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Description City State Jobs Cost Program Type Vote Ratio
Wireless broadband to improve vehicle communication Arlington TX 0 $211,000 Public Safety -24
Austin Independent School District - Providing access for low income students to broadband communications from home Austin TX 40 $15,000,000 Schools -134
Installation of City-wide Broadband Network for Community and Municipal Use Bridgeport CT 44 $20,000,000 CDBG -14
Renovate and upgrade library & resource center to provide following services and activities: job training and retraining, broadband( e commerce, community/economic development, educational enrichment, etc.), & employment readiness activities, drop out pre Coahoma MS 10 $1,000,000 CDBG -1
Gretna On Wi-Fi Installation of City Wide Broadband Gretna FL 3 $1,000,000 Public Safety -14
Broadband Expansion Hawaii Honolulu HI 100 $5,000,000 Public Safety -1
Regional Radio / Fiber Optics Communications System (Radio, Data, Voice, Video, Traffic, Control, Broadband, etc) Irving TX 25 $35,000,000 Public Safety -2
Municipal Broadband Network Miami FL 560 $28,000,000 CDBG -3
Proposed headend provides the department with necessary communications links to satellite signals and relays them to the broadband network for distribution to the community. A telecommunications infrastructure will help stimulate economic and commercial Peru IL 21 $750,000 CDBG -2
-Law Enforcement Technology Improvement Project- Purchase State-of-The-Art broadband wireless data communication system for public safety. Riviera Beach FL 25 $500,000 Public Safety 4