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Projects in Washington

Below are the "shovel-ready" projects the mayors of this state submitted in the 2008 U.S. Conference of Mayors report. You can click on a project to read (and add to) its description. You can also discuss the project and vote on whether you believe it is critical or not. For a more local view, you can drill down to projects in a particular city. Just choose a city from the following list.

The total of cost of all the projects submitted by Washington is $1,713,748,676

View a specific city in Washington: AuburnBellevueBremertonBrewsterBridgeportCle ElumColvilleCrestonEdmondsEverettFifeKettle FallsKirklandLakewoodLeavenworthLongviewMarcusMattawaMoses LakeNorthportOkanoganPacificRedmondRentonRiversideSeattleSnoqualmieSpokaneSumnerTacomaTonasketVancouverWenatcheeWilburWinthropYakimaYarrow Point

Description City State Jobs Cost Program Type Vote Ratio
ITS Improvement to 10 traffic signal intersections to traffic management center. Project is fully designed and ready to begin in 90 days. One of lowest average income cities in the county. Auburn WA 81 $1,100,000 Streets/Roads -75
R St SE Utility Improvements storm drainage, water and sanitary sewer infrastructure and rebuild of the disturbed street pavement on an arterial of the city that includes a major park, mobile home park and a connection with all communities to the east of Auburn WA 160 $4,170,000 Water -12
Resurface the 25 yr old runway at Dick Scobee Aiprtport. 3rd busiest commuter airport in the Puget Sound area. This is an enterprise fund owned and operated by the City. Project ready to begin in 90 days. One of lowest average income cities in the county. Auburn WA 12 $121,000 Airport -24
Security Access/Fencing. Dick Scobee Airport is an enterprise center owned and operated by the City. This is the third busiest commuter airport in the Puget Sound region. Project ready to begin in 90 days. One of lowest average income cities in the county Auburn WA 15 $120,000 Airport -29
Downtown Public Parking for private sector transit oriented development. City has accumulated six blocks of property over six years to encourage downtown redevelopment in a century old industrial city with one of the lowest average incomes in the county. Auburn WA 250 $30,000,000 CDBG -103
Auburn Community Center project creates a large gathering space for community education,tourism and recreation. Plans are complete. ready to bid and ready to start in 90 days Auburn WA 100 $12,000,000 CDBG -72
City Plaza enhancement and Main Street four block Promemade. Projects are designs and reconfigure the plaza at city hall for more pedestrian use as well as events with the Promenade going the length of a four block re-development project in the heart of a Auburn WA 512 $10,000,000 CDBG -65
Jacobson Community Park to develop 30 acre park and sports complex. Area in transition with low income city. Auburn WA 210 $7,000,000 CDBG -53
Auburn Teen Center & Gym for area youths. This is for a community in transition with lower income families. One method to prevent gangs from coming into area.Project on hold with economy.Plans are complete. Ready to bid and can start in 90 days Auburn WA 100 $5,000,000 CDBG 17
Les Gove Improvement Project. Improves roads, sewer, storm and water systems in a six block area. This project is fully designed and ready to start start within 90 days.Includes adding 1.3 miles of water mains, abandoning and replacing clay pipes, adding Auburn WA 95 $4,300,000 CDBG 13
Historic Post Office renovation to neighborhood center and visitor center. 1920's post office recently vacated by the county is ready for redevelopment next to city owned an operated live theater in the heart of an historic downtown in one of the lowest a Auburn WA 138 $3,000,000 CDBG -61
B Street NW Corridor Deep Repair Truck Corridor. This project located in the heart of the largest industrial, manufacturing, warehouse districts in the Pacific Northwest. Project is fully designed and ready to begin in 90 days. Auburn WA 128 $2,900,000 CDBG 16
Harvey & 8th St NE improvements for additional lanes for safety including new sewer. This is a century old industrial city and this intersection is vital to traffic connecting the hillside with the downtown community. This project is fully designed and re Auburn WA 112 $2,225,000 CDBG 9
Arterial Crack Sealing Program that seals cracks on 65 miles of arterial streets and 70 miles of local streets in a century old city with one of the lowest average incomes in county. This project is fully designed and ready and can start within 90 days. Auburn WA 112 $1,900,000 CDBG 12
Arterial Guardrail and Clearzone Improvement Project. One of lowest average income cities in the county. This project has been through the plannng process and is ready and can start within 90 days. Auburn WA 11 $1,125,000 CDBG -19
West Valley Highway Repair Truck Corridor.This project is fully designed and ready to begin in 90 days. One of lowest average income cities in the county. Auburn WA 53 $1,100,000 CDBG 25
Replace the 1973 HVAC system and lighting at City Hall with green technology including sensors, natural lighting and LEED features. This project is fully designed and ready to start start within 90 days Auburn WA 28 $850,000 CDBG -15
West Valley Highway Truck Corridor Deep Repair.This project connects both the Tacoma and Seattle ports districts through the heart of the largest industrial and manufacuturing district in the Pacific Northwest.Project fully designed and ready to begin in Auburn WA 84 $700,000 CDBG 15
Backup Battery System City Traffic Signals for public safety.One of lowest average income cities in the county.This project is ready and can start within 90 days. Auburn WA 16 $660,000 CDBG -8
"I" Street NE Truck Corridor Deep Repair. Project is fully designed and ready to begin in 90 days. This is a key north/south truck corridor in the heart of the largest industrial and manufacturing center in the Pacific Northwest. Auburn WA 60 $364,000 CDBG 7
Channelization Project at M St SE. This project re-arranges a key intersection in a core area of the city and means an immediate traffic improvement to our downtown and community college. Project fully designed and ready to proceed in 90 days. Auburn WA 25 $250,000 CDBG 1
Fund four hybrid Parks shuttles for access for youth to the gym, commununity center, YMCA and other facilities. Purchase of the vehicles allows the Parks Department to program facilities and provide for additional city staff at city sites and allows othe Auburn WA 22 $240,000 CDBG -43
West Main Street Truck Corridor Deep Repair. This Project is fully designed and ready to begin in 90 days. One of lowest average income cities in the county. Auburn WA 44 $210,000 CDBG 13
15th Street SW Repair Truck corridor. This project is fully designed and ready to begin in 90 days. One of lowest average income cities in the county. Auburn WA 38 $165,000 CDBG 6
http://stimuluswatch.org/project/view/1103 Auburn WA 0 $0 CDBG 10
Auburn Environmental Park LEED Silver Interpretive Center and Native Plants Greenhouse. The City created an environmental park from a wetland area next to downtown and then took the further step of creating a Green Development zone around it. Council is c Auburn WA 192 $6,000,000 Energy -45
Streetlight replacement purchase and install 2,200 LED streetlights throughout city to reduce citizen costs by up to 50%. This project is ready and can start within 90 days. Auburn WA 100 $3,500,000 Energy 5
Green Jobs replace all traffic signals with LED lamps. This city is one of the lowest average income cities in the county. This project is ready and can start within 90 days. Auburn WA 20 $300,000 Energy -4
Fiber Optic connection to the hub of the cities of Auburn,Algona,Pacific. This connection includes the area covered by the Auburn School District and gives us the ability to work to connect the school sites within the district.Project ready to begin in 90 Auburn WA 45 $1,200,000 Public Safety -9
Fiber Optic Connection to borders of an adjoining City of Federal Way Auburn WA 21 $500,000 Public Safety -18
Video surveillance for Project ready to begin in 90 days. One of lowest average income cities in the county.City utilities including the water system for a century old city. Auburn WA 21 $500,000 Public Safety -38
Fiber Optic connection to 911 system. Project ready to begin in 90 days. One of lowest average income cities in the county. This is a century old city attempting to update communications. Auburn WA 21 $500,000 Public Safety 5
Two School Resource Officers Auburn WA 2 $150,000 Public Safety -22
Interior Lighting improvements and Sensor lighting controls Auburn WA 48 $1,670,710 Schools -9
Auburn Memorial Stadium football/soccer field field, lighting, scoreboard and stadium improvements Auburn WA 42 $1,558,770 Schools -39
Auburn High School remodel of the 1,100 seat Performing Arts Center, largest of its kind outside of Seattle center. Auburn WA 35 $708,940 Schools -15
Underground fuel tank removals at schools in century old city Auburn WA 40 $464,898 Schools -9
Downtown Public Parking Garage for private sector/public partnership Transit Oriented Garage. This is located next to a transit hub for two counties and used by three different bus agencies, commuter rail and available for AMTRAK.City owns to the land, ha Auburn WA 300 $30,000,000 Transit -39
West Lake Sammamish Parkway - improvements to regional connector - roadway, non-motorized and natural environment. Will result in safety and water quality improvements. Bellevue WA 110 $4,200,000 Streets/Roads -28
Northup Way Corridor - improvements to roadway to add center turn lane, sidewalk, bike lane, traffic calming and pedestrian crossings. Bellevue WA 189 $3,800,000 Streets/Roads -33
120th Ave NE - widen, add turn lanes, multi-modal improvements (bike lanes and sidewalks). Potential to improve stormwater quality through natural drainage practices. Connects downtown Bellevue to Bel-Red area - major redevelopment plan, with estimates Bellevue WA 30 $3,200,000 Streets/Roads -19
NE 2nd Street Enhancements - widen and incorporate urban design elements for pedestrians. Will be coordinated with parks development. Will provide needed improvements for major growth expected in downtown Bellevue. Bike route, traffic flow and accident Bellevue WA 111 $2,600,000 Streets/Roads -26
Priority Arterial Overlay - completion of preservation work and ADA retrofits along Bellevue Way. Would improve car travel and non-motorized travel for residents along principle City arterial. Bellevue WA 57 $1,000,000 Streets/Roads -14
148th Ave Intersection Safety and Reliability - improvements to four signalized intersections which will increase safety and reliability on a high-volume arterial. Bellevue WA 31 $1,000,000 Streets/Roads -3
116th Avenue SE Sidewalk - Construct curb, gutter and sidewalk - provides safe walking route for elementary students and pedestrian protection. Bellevue WA 37 $750,000 Streets/Roads 16
123rd Avenue SE Sidewalk - Construct new curb, gutter and sidewalk - provides pedestrian protection and neighborhood access Bellevue WA 29 $600,000 Streets/Roads 17
Asbestos Cement Water Main Replacement Project - replace undersized and aging water mains that represent a risk to public safety, health and the environment. Bellevue WA 37 $1,250,000 Water 7
Sanitary Sewer Trunk Rehabilitation - repair portions of sewers where serious structural defects have been found and there is a high likelihood of failure. Would decrease risk to community and environment. Bellevue WA 19 $1,200,000 Water 15
Mercer Slough Environmental Education Center Completion - construct second classroom in a facility dedicated to study of wetland ecology, water quality and environmental sustainability. Facility is a partnership between City, Pacific Science Center and P Bellevue WA 97 $3,500,000 CDBG -66
SHELDON/PACIFIC AVE IMPROVEMENTS - Reconstruct failing roadway and associated utilities to support redevelopment Bremerton WA 131 $8,200,000 Streets/Roads -8
PARKING GARAGE - construct parking garage in the central business district to reduce traffic congestion from on-street parking, and leverage existing and planned re-development projects. Bremerton WA 164 $8,000,000 Streets/Roads -50
STREET PAVING - re-pave all substandard City Streets that have failing pavement. Bremerton WA 53 $4,000,000 Streets/Roads 5
11TH AND WARREN AVENUE IMPROVEMENTS - Reconstruct intersection with high congestion and accident history. Bremerton WA 33 $2,500,000 Streets/Roads 1
SAFE ROUTES TO SCHOOLS - Provide necessary sidewalks on primary routes to elementary schools. Bremerton WA 13 $1,000,000 Streets/Roads 15
AIRPORT SEWER MAIN - construct trunk sanitary sewer to convey flow from South Kitsap Industrial Area and Olympic View Industrial Park to existing City Collection system. Sewerage will open up 500-Acres for Industrial Development Bremerton WA 2168 $13,000,000 Water -5
REROUTE CREEK AWAY FROM LANDFILL - Reroute Gorst Creek (critical salmon habitat, and an emergency drinking water source) away from a failing landfill that contains toxic materials including commercial and medical wastes. The creek currently is conveyed t Bremerton WA 118 $6,000,000 Water 19
GORST SEWERAGE - construct sewer collection system in an area identified as a chronic environmental and public health problem due to failing on-site sewage systems. The project additionally will implement Total Maximum Daily Load thresholds by reducing f Bremerton WA 502 $6,000,000 Water 15
REPLACE AND IMPROVE CRITICAL WATER SYSTEM INFRASTRUCTURE - replace existing substandard and/or failing water system infrastructure to improve water service and quality. Bremerton WA 98 $5,000,000 Water 4
REPLACE FAILING SANITARY SEWER LATERALS - Install maintenance access piping, inspect and repair or replace failing sanitary sewer laterals. The proposed construction will reduce groundwater inflow into the sanitary sewer resulting in lower system operati Bremerton WA 20 $1,000,000 Water 18
Replacement of 1000 LF of failing sidewalk Brewster WA 7 $339,000 Streets/Roads 7
Pavement Preservation; Repair and/or overlay streets Brewster WA 6 $277,000 Streets/Roads 4
Riverview Heights Roadway Construction Brewster WA 5 $40,000 Streets/Roads 4
Reconstruction and extension of 6th Street Brewster WA 5 $29,000 Streets/Roads 5
Water main replacement; Add new meters and hydrants Brewster WA 5 $78,000 Water 12
Domestic well including drilling, well house, pump, motor, and 1000 LF of 12” water line Bridgeport WA 8 $390,000 Water 8
8" water main extension. Tacoma Avenue; 14th to 16th Streets Bridgeport WA 6 $160,000 Water 6
8" water main extension. 9th Street; Foster Avenue to Columbia Avenue Bridgeport WA 5 $80,500 Water 7
East End Sewer Extension, extension of sewer to approximately 65 acres of developable land within the City Limits Cle Elum WA 24 $1,200,000 Water 3
Pavement Preservation - Repair and reconstruct all deteriorated streets Colville WA 12 $8,000,000 Streets/Roads 18
Hawthorne Reconstruction - Reconstruct deteriorated street. Pavement, curbs, water & Sewer Colville WA 15 $4,900,000 Streets/Roads 26
Evergreen Way New Construction - Construct new street to connect SR20 to SW city limits Colville WA 18 $3,800,000 Streets/Roads 14
3rd Ave Reconstruction - Reconstruct street to extend SR20 to truck route Colville WA 10 $1,400,000 Streets/Roads 9
Waterline Replacement & New Reservoir Construction - Replace deteriorated waterlines and construction new 1 mill gal reservoir Colville WA 15 $9,900,000 Water 27
Sewer Replacement - Replace deteriorated and leaking sewer lines Colville WA 15 $5,000,000 Water 25
Water and sewer upgrades. Replace approximately 6500 lineal feet of 60 year old water and sewer lines. Overlay roadways on completion Colville WA 49 $2,450,000 Water 25
Colville Public Library Addition and Redesign will expand and update the existing city library with green construction thus improving collection capacity and technology capabilities, as well as providing coummunity space for meetings, eduction, education Colville WA 200 $10,000,000 CDBG 20
Fire Station - Replace existing, outdated Fire Station Colville WA 6 $2,500,000 CDBG 15
Sidewalk Safety Replacement; School zone, storm drainage, and ADA Compliance Creston WA 5 $200,000 Streets/Roads 8
Water Main Replacement; 4000 LF of pipe throughout town. Replacement is a high priority for fire suppression by the Washington State Dept of Health Creston WA 17 $840,000 Water 12
75th/76th Walkway & 162nd Street Park Project. Construct a walkway on 76th Avenue West/75th Place West between Meadowdale Beach Road and Meadowvale County Park the south side. Edmonds WA 15.1 $2,800,000 Streets/Roads -38
Annual Asphalt Overlay Maintenance Contract. This project is the annual overlay maintenance contract for City streets. The project budget is based on a 20year life cycle. Edmonds WA 6 $1,700,000 Streets/Roads 11
Caspers/Ninth Avenue/Puget Drive Walkway. Construct a walkway on the north side of Caspers Street between 3rd Avenue North & 9th Avenue North on the west side of 9th Avenue North between Caspers Street and Puget Drive & the north side of Puget Drive from Edmonds WA 16.9 $1,000,000 Streets/Roads -15
Downtown Street Lighting and Sidewalk Replacement. Install street lighting and new sidewalks to improvement safety. Edmonds WA 2.9 $300,000 Streets/Roads -16
BNSF Utility Work. BNSF is requiring the City to protect its sewer, water and storm crossings within the BNSF right of way to accommodate the installation of a second track. Edmonds WA 6.1 $530,000 Water 10
93rd/96th Drainage Improvements. Install new storm collection system to serve the major low areas and connected to Edmonds Way trunk storm drain. Edmonds WA 9.1 $525,000 Water 10
Olympic View Drive w/Lynnwood, Phase II. Install new 8" ductile iron pipe water main, fire hydrants and associated appurtenances in areas along Olympic View Drive, in conjunction with street improvements to be constructed on Olympic View Drive by the Cit Edmonds WA 3.4 $275,000 Water 9
ITS/Signal Improvements Everett WA 25 $13,000,000 Streets/Roads -39
Pavement Overlay Everett WA 30 $3,000,000 Streets/Roads -19
Bond Street Combine Sewer Overflow Everett WA 60 $25,000,000 Water 8
Lions Park Renovation Everett WA 75 $1,000,000 CDBG -63
ARTSPACE Housing Everett WA 100 $5,000,000 Housing -54
Habitat for Humanity Housing Everett WA 12 $300,000 Housing -17
CHIP Program Everett WA 10 $250,000 Housing -25
Fiber Optic Network Everett WA 40 $1,390,000 Public Safety -12
Artspace Education Center Everett WA 75 $2,000,000 Schools 42
70th and Valley Corridor: 70th Avenue grade separation, a 4-lane bridge over the Union Pacific Railroad Fife WA 500 $25,000,000 Streets/Roads 7
70th and Valley Corridor, including widening 5,000 feet of Valley Avenue from 2 to 4 lanes and 1,000 feet of 70th Avenue from 2/3 to 5/6 lanes Fife WA 260 $3,600,000 Streets/Roads 5
54th Avenue East, Pacific Avenue East to North City Limits - Pavement preservation, including grind, overlay, and utility adjustments for 5,000 feet of 5-lane arterial Fife WA 32 $820,000 Streets/Roads 3
Pacific Highway East (Old 99) Port of Tacoma Road to West City Limits - Pavement preservation, including grind, overlay and utility adjustments for 3,200 feet of 5-lane arterial Fife WA 22 $550,000 Streets/Roads 4
Pacific Highway East (Old 99) Alexander Avenue to Willow Road - Pavement preservation including grind, overlay, and utility adjustments for 2,000 feet of 5-lane arterial Fife WA 13 $300,000 Streets/Roads 4
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