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Projects in Oregon

Below are the "shovel-ready" projects the mayors of this state submitted in the 2008 U.S. Conference of Mayors report. You can click on a project to read (and add to) its description. You can also discuss the project and vote on whether you believe it is critical or not. For a more local view, you can drill down to projects in a particular city. Just choose a city from the following list.

The total of cost of all the projects submitted by Oregon is $909,352,610

View a specific city in Oregon: CorvallisEugeneGreshamLake OswegoOntarioOregon CityPortlandSalem

Description City State Jobs Cost Program Type Vote Ratio
Hwy 99N four lane; overpass to Circle blvd Corvallis OR 25 $1,500,000 Streets/Roads -101
Hwy 34/20 intersection w/ 53rd street improvements Corvallis OR 8 $179,700 Streets/Roads -45
Runway extension Corvallis OR 59 $3,150,000 Airport -61
South Corvallis Combined Services facility; food bank, furniture share, Headstart, neighborhood center Corvallis OR 34 $2,000,000 CDBG 13
Emergency Shelter/Drop in Center for homeless not eligible for existing services Corvallis OR 34 $2,000,000 CDBG -44
Hilltop Village 19 unit Affordable Housing Development infrastructure Corvallis OR 25 $1,500,000 CDBG -50
Detox facility for drug and alcohol services Corvallis OR 17 $1,000,000 CDBG -31
Seavey/Alexander Affordable Housing Development infrastrucutre Corvallis OR 13 $750,000 CDBG -27
Additional officers to address public safety needs Corvallis OR 4 $326,000 Public Safety 17
Transit operations center Corvallis OR 53 $2,806,500 Transit -23
Pavement preservation Eugene OR 676 $36,819,000 Streets/Roads 21
Bike/Ped Improvements Eugene OR 174 $9,203,000 Streets/Roads -226
Replace bridges over Amazon Creek at Chambers, Garfield, City View, and Bailey Hill. (per concepts in Metro Waterways Study) to eliminate conveyance constriction points and improve ped/bicycle underpasses Eugene OR 85 $4,500,000 Streets/Roads -77
Street Improvements - Preservation & Upgrade to Urban Standards Eugene OR 73 $3,875,000 Streets/Roads 22
Multi-use path over Delta Highway Eugene OR 47 $2,500,000 Streets/Roads -91
New mulit-use path Eugene OR 18 $993,000 Streets/Roads -65
Lighting of an existing multi-use path Eugene OR 10 $571,000 Streets/Roads -54
Eliminating drywells and improving stormwater conveyance Eugene OR 9 $500,000 Streets/Roads -5
Traffic Signal Improvements - Safety and Capacity Eugene OR 7 $400,000 Streets/Roads 9
Fox Hollow At Amazon Channel Enhancements - Improving stormwater quality Eugene OR 7 $361,000 Streets/Roads -29
ADA Curb Ramps Eugene OR 2 $100,000 Streets/Roads -15
Accessible Pedestrian Signals Eugene OR 1 $100,000 Streets/Roads -29
Tertiary filtration facility - all phases Eugene OR 448 $28,000,000 Water -4
Amazon Creek bank stabilization: Eugene OR 240 $15,000,000 Water -46
Odorous Air Project - all phases Eugene OR 208 $13,000,000 Water -81
Aeration Basin Upgrade - Phase II Eugene OR 176 $11,000,000 Water -2
Sludge Lagoon Reline - all phases Eugene OR 160 $10,000,000 Water 1
Mesophilic Sludge Digester Eugene OR 144 $9,000,000 Water 3
Biogas Co-generation enhancement Eugene OR 96 $6,000,000 Water -1
Complete Delta Ponds Enhancement Project (culvert under Goodpasture Island Road and Delta Highway, finish riparian benches, plant benches, trails, signage, parking lot) Eugene OR 88 $5,500,000 Water -46
Sodium Hypochlorite conversion Eugene OR 80 $5,000,000 Water -6
Private Lateral Rehabilitation Program Eugene OR 80 $5,000,000 Water -24
Resource management - canoe canal multi-objective improvements Eugene OR 80 $5,000,000 Water -45
Sludge Thickening Facility Eugene OR 72 $4,500,000 Water -4
Wastewater System Rehabilitation Eugene OR 76 $4,000,000 Water 9
Water pollution Control Facility - lagoon upgrade - cleanup and lining Eugene OR 64 $4,000,000 Water -3
Biosolids Drying Bed Replacement Eugene OR 48 $3,000,000 Water -9
Biocycle Farm Irrigation Assessment/Design and Upgrade Eugene OR 48 $3,000,000 Water -13
Sanitary Force Main Investigation, inspection, and maintenance/upgrade Eugene OR 40 $2,500,000 Water 7
Chemically-Enhanced Primary Treatment Eugene OR 32 $2,000,000 Water 3
Upgrade to existing recycled water force main Eugene OR 28 $1,500,000 Water 5
lagoon upgrade - stormwater system, recycled water, etc. Eugene OR 19 $1,000,000 Water 3
Community Sewers -Providing direct wastewater connections Eugene OR 19 $1,000,000 Water 10
Enhance SIW for reclaimed water use or biofuel production Eugene OR 19 $1,000,000 Water -18
Resource Management - Struvite Pelletization Investigation/Assessment/Design Eugene OR 12 $800,000 Water -5
Replacement of perimeter fence and security upgrades Eugene OR 8 $500,000 Water -14
Recycled water community implementation study/planning Eugene OR 4 $300,000 Water -3
Confluence Island Floodplain/Channel Restoration Eugene OR 4 $300,000 Water 0
Confluence Island Hydrologic Study Eugene OR 4 $300,000 Water -3
Greenway/greenspace water reuse irrigation assessment Eugene OR 3 $250,000 Water -8
Recycled water market study Eugene OR 3 $250,000 Water -24
Beneficial reuse site crop analysis and irrigation assessment Eugene OR 3 $200,000 Water -8
Water Main Line Extension Eugene OR 5 $50,000 Water 9
Runway rehab project to resurface the main runway at the airport Eugene OR 114 $6,000,000 Airport 10
Surface Scan System - Uses sensors to relay information concerning pavement temperatures and details about water/chemical content on our runways Eugene OR 5 $75,000 Airport -19
Eugene AMTRAK Station Site Improvements - Lighting and Paving Improvements to rail passenger areas Eugene OR 3 $200,000 Amtrak 18
West Eugene Environmental Education Center - construction of science laboratory and educational facilities and adjacent infrastructure. Eugene OR 23 $1,500,000 CDBG -34
Construct spray play facilities to replace 6 wading pools closed due to state rule Eugene OR 23 $1,500,000 CDBG -36
Resurface, reconstruct or replace 23 existing tennis courts Eugene OR 23 $1,500,000 CDBG -83
Priority 1 park renovations: large-scale park renovations in State Street Park Eugene OR 22 $1,400,000 CDBG -42
Renovate park restrooms citywide Eugene OR 16 $1,025,000 CDBG -14
Trail Enhancement Eugene OR 16 $1,000,000 CDBG -14
Lamb Building - Low-Income Housing development - 35 units Eugene OR 16 $1,000,000 CDBG -18
Design and construct covered skate park in City Center area Eugene OR 16 $1,000,000 CDBG -78
Priority 1 playground renovations: large-scale play area renovations Eugene OR 12 $800,000 CDBG -23
Renovate park lighting systems Eugene OR 11 $750,000 CDBG -5
Park Irrigation, Potable Water and Electrical Supply Improvements Eugene OR 9 $600,000 CDBG -10
Redevelop vacant lot in downtown Eugene at Broadway and Willamette - 200,000 square feet of new construction to feature mix of office and rental housing. Approx. $500,000 in public participation is needed for project. Eugene OR 8 $500,000 CDBG -31
Interstate Bridge project to include additional open space elements, particularly trail enhancements in Willamette Eugene OR 8 $500,000 CDBG -28
Redevelop vacant lot in downtown Eugene at 10th and Charnelton - 200,000 square feet of new construction to feature mix of office and rental housing. Approx. $500,000 in public participation is needed for project. The total cost of project is estimated Eugene OR 8 $500,000 CDBG -32
Roosevelt Crossing housing complex - new construction - need funding to fill current funding gap Eugene OR 9 $400,000 CDBG -14
Hult Center heating system conversion - required due to closure of local steam utility Eugene OR 3 $250,000 CDBG -9
Trail Preservation and Renovation Eugene OR 2 $200,000 CDBG -28
Trail Renovation and Interpretive Signage Eugene OR 1 $150,000 CDBG -33
Park pond concrete removal and riparian restoration Eugene OR 1 $150,000 CDBG -19
Construct park picnic shelter Eugene OR 1 $125,000 CDBG -44
Through a collaborative partnership between the City of Eugene (COE) and the Eugene Water & Electric Board, this program proposes to complete energy efficient retrofits to upwards of 400 units per year using the EPA Home Performance with ENERGY STAR (HPwE Eugene OR 60 $3,800,000 Energy -9
Install solar hot water system at Echo Hollow Pool - reduce natural gas costs Eugene OR 3 $225,000 Energy 6
Solar Power retrofits for MWMC facilities Eugene OR 3 $50,000 Energy -2
Building Remodel -Low-Income Housing development - replace failing foundation at 60 unit housing project and New stairwells & balconies, new roofs and a remodel of the laundry rooms (stairwells & balconies are a priority) at another 67 unit low-income pr Eugene OR 31 $1,850,000 Housing -10
Public Housing Modernization Eugene OR 14 $900,000 Housing -35
Police Patrol Building -It would be the operational base for approximately 120 patrol officers, 20 sergeants, 6 lieutenants, and one captain. The facility would include office space (for command, TEU and MCI), locker rooms, briefing rooms, a command cent Eugene OR 384 $24,000,000 Public Safety -20
Emergency Command Training Center -Build and equip an emergency center with the most up-to-date technology to replicate incident scenarios and provide a realistic experience that will train incident commanders and team leaders. Eugene OR 24 $1,500,000 Public Safety -11
Eugene Rail Depot Phase 2, Passenger & Site Improvements - to restore elements removed from project due to funding limitations Eugene OR 4 $200,000 Transit 1
Contract Pavement Preservation for identified deferred pavement maintenance Gresham OR 556 $20,000,000 Streets/Roads 5
Traffic Signal Improvments - rebuild falling span-wire signals, replace outdated signal controllers, replace lenses, etc. Gresham OR 70 $2,500,000 Streets/Roads 4
Pedestrian mobility/capacity improvements - infill missing sidewalk, install crosswalk signalization. Gresham OR 70 $2,500,000 Streets/Roads -7
Wastewater Treatment Plan Secondary Clarifier - Design complete; necessary to accomodate growth and ensure water quality compliance. Gresham OR 361 $13,000,000 Water 12
Johnson Creek Watershed Restoration - flood protection and habitat restoration. Authorized in WRDA. Gresham OR 139 $5,000,000 Water 5
Glisan Water Line Upgrade - new water line to serve adjacent industrial land and development. Gresham OR 78 $2,800,000 Water 5
242 Ave. Water Line Upgrade, Glisan to Stark Gresham OR 42 $1,500,000 Water -3
Industrial Land Access Improvements - improve access to industrial areas and increase capacity for new industrial development Gresham OR 520 $18,700,000 CDBG 13
Underground Injection Control Systems Improvements Gresham OR 139 $5,000,000 CDBG -9
Kane Drive - restore improvement elements, stormwater system replacement, transportation improvement elements Gresham OR 104 $3,750,000 CDBG 8
Replacement of the backbone of the City's sewer system in Oswego Lake to prevent overflows, ensure ongoing sewer service by making it seismically stable and address an Oregon DEQ Mutual Agreement and Order to begin the project at a time certain. The proj Lake Oswego OR 700 $80,000,000 Water -12
SE 5th Ave. - Bridge over I-84. Widen bridge with pedestrian/bicycle improvements. Ontario OR 480 $4,798,000 Streets/Roads -14
NW 4th Ave. roadway improvements from Tori Street to 400' West of Hwy 201. To include water and sewer upgrades. Ontario OR 140 $1,500,000 Streets/Roads 3
SE 2nd St. - SE 9th Ave. to Butler Blvd. Upgrade to urban major collector with pedestrian/bicycle improvements. Ontario OR 86 $862,000 Streets/Roads -2
NW Park Blvd - Malheur Dr to NW 4th Ave. Upgrade to urban collector with pedestrian/bicycle improvements. Ontario OR 86 $862,000 Streets/Roads -6
N. Oregon St. - N. Bypass to 1/4 north of N. Fortner St. Relocate & rebuild with pedestrian/bicycle improvements to connect with N. Bypass at NW 20th Ave. Ontario OR 85 $850,000 Streets/Roads 2
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