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Projects in Nevada

Below are the "shovel-ready" projects the mayors of this state submitted in the 2008 U.S. Conference of Mayors report. You can click on a project to read (and add to) its description. You can also discuss the project and vote on whether you believe it is critical or not. For a more local view, you can drill down to projects in a particular city. Just choose a city from the following list.

The total of cost of all the projects submitted by Nevada is $1,521,987,313

View a specific city in Nevada: HendersonLas VegasMesquiteRenoSparks

Description City State Jobs Cost Program Type Vote Ratio
Lake Mead Pkwy Improvements - Boulder Hwy to Lake Las Vegas Pkwy: Widen existing roadway to six lanes, grade separated intersection at Lake Las Vegas Parkway, and enhancements. Henderson NV 50 $30,000,000 Streets/Roads -158
Major Avenue - Van Wagenen to Warm Springs: Reconstruction with drainage and traffic improvements. Henderson NV 50 $6,000,000 Streets/Roads -20
Burkholder: Lake Mead to Racetrack: Widen to 4 travel lanes with drainage and traffic improvements. Henderson NV 50 $6,000,000 Streets/Roads -31
Galleria Drive - Boulder Highway to Pabco Road: Purchase right-of-way along Saddle Association for construction of full off-sites along City owned parcels and RTC section where applicable between Ward and Pabco with traffic and drainage appurtenances as r Henderson NV 30 $4,500,000 Streets/Roads -20
2008/09 Arterial roadway resurfacing and removal & replacement Program. Arterials qualified for 3R program must have PCI of 20 or less and may include but are not limited to: American Pacific, US95 to Arroyo Grande; Eastgate, Warm Springs to Galleria; Gr Henderson NV 30 $4,000,000 Streets/Roads -16
2008/09 Street R&R Program: Yearly street maintenance contract funded by gas tax revenues that consists of removal and replacement of asphalt on existing residential roadways with a PCI of less than 10. The 08/09 program will include Annie Oakley and all Henderson NV 12 $3,500,000 Streets/Roads -35
Landwell 2200 Sewer Interceptor – Construction of approximately 3,300 lineal feet of 27-inch sewer and replace 11,300 lineal feet of 21-inch with new 27-inch line north of Lake Mead Drive/Warm Springs Road to Pabco Road and south of Athens/Galleria. Henderson NV 30 $4,086,880 Water -12
3-Inch and Larger Water Meter & Vault Maintenance Program – Repair/replacement of approximately 49 large meters that fail or are mechanically obsolete and do not function within AWWA performance standards for large meters. Henderson NV 30 $3,449,600 Water -8
Pittman Wash Sanitary Sewer Relocation/Valle Verde to Sandwedge Channel – Relocation of approximately 1,650 lineal feet of existing 21-inch sanitary sewer and provide a maintenance access road (approximately 2,200 lineal feet) for the sewer within the Pit Henderson NV 40 $2,585,000 Water -12
Wigwam/US95 24-inch 2120 Main & Prv. - Installation of approximately 1,600 lineal feet of 20-inch main from the end of W-225 (30-inch 2120) under U.S. 95 to Eastgate Road to supply the 2007 PRV; and installation of approximately 2,700 lineal feet of 16-in Henderson NV 25 $1,734,700 Water -8
Misc PRV & Pressure Zone Improvements - Phase I – Replaces PRV’s 8 and 18 with new PRV’s 106 and 105, which includes installation of 8-inch and 12-inch water main and conversion of existing pressure zones. Henderson NV 25 $1,507,000 Water -11
Handicapped and Special Needs Sports Complex, located in the Seven Hills Area, to benefit the special needs population throughout the valley. Henderson NV 150 $10,000,000 CDBG -136
Water Street Phase 3 and North Water Street – Eastside Connection Project: Roadway improvements from Victory to Lake Mead including streetscape and storm drain. Henderson NV 40 $3,000,000 CDBG -18
CDBG Triangle Area Sidewalk and Handicap Ramp Improvements: Infrastructure improvements that can include improvements to storm drains, street lights, curbs, sidewalks, and gutters as required. Henderson NV 25 $1,000,000 CDBG -15
Water Street Site A Utilities Relocation: Water and sewer main relocation for Site A at Water Street & Victory. Henderson NV 15 $800,000 CDBG -15
Renovations to the Whitney Ranch Recreation Center-Patio shade structure, paint, partition walls, relocation of front desk, room addition and outdoor covered play structure. Henderson NV 20 $425,000 CDBG -58
Renovations to the Valley View Recreation Center-Patio shade structure, paint, partition walls, relocation of front desk, room addition and flooring replacement. Henderson NV 20 $400,000 CDBG -47
CDBG Streetlight Pole Replacement: Infrastructure improvements that can include improvements to storm drains, street lights, curbs, sidewalks, and gutters as required. Henderson NV 8 $109,600 CDBG -19
Heritage Park Campus Phase 1: Develop a 60 acre multi-use sports field complex and standard park amenities. Concept plan is broken into four (4) phases totaling $51,701,288.26. Henderson NV 150 $20,000,000 Energy -96
Renewable Energy Project-Implement renewable energy application that will provide up to 3 - 4 MW of power generation, i.e. crystalline sun-tracking system or a thin-film fixed array of solar panels. Henderson NV 30 $20,000,000 Energy -14
Reunion Park: Design and construction of a 17 acre neighborhood park located in the Champion Village subdivision at Stephanie Street adjacent to the I-215 Henderson NV 40 $9,327,450 Energy -48
Hidden Falls Park: Design and construction of a 18 acre community park at Horizon Ridge Parkway and Horizon Drive. Henderson NV 40 $7,365,000 Energy -62
Downs 5 Morrell Park Phase 2: Provide connectivity between the downtown Henderson population to the regional trails system through restoration of the existing Downs 5 Linear Park to Boulder Highway along Morrell Park, connect to the downtown school sites, Henderson NV 30 $2,254,000 Energy -40
Solar Photovoltain Power Generation Units - 1 at Downtown Recreation Center and 1 at Multigenerational Center Henderson NV 20 $800,327 Energy -9
Disinfection By-Product Control-Modify the existing filtration facilities, install granular activated carbon filter media, and analyze the reduction of disinfection by products at the COH water treatment plant. Henderson NV 30 $550,000 Energy -12
Hampton Courts (3 buildings) – roofs, siding, stucco, paint, air conditioners, main water valves, parking lot lighting, and sidewalks. Henderson NV 20 $3,070,000 Housing -38
Espinosa – air conditioner, water valves, sidewalks Henderson NV 10 $560,000 Housing -24
Landsman Gardens – roofs, water valves, paint, siding, stucco Henderson NV 10 $490,000 Housing -27
Palo Verde – roofs, air conditioners Henderson NV 5 $240,000 Housing -27
Radio Communications Project – enhance radio communications with latest technology. Existing technology is outdated and not Project 25 (digital) compliant, which will be necessary for future use. Enhanced communication allows for officers to communicate Henderson NV 10 $2,500,000 Public Safety -15
Field Technology Project - replacement of all existing Laptops and vehicle mounts in all patrol vehicles. Existing technology is over 5 years old and does not provide the capabilities to handle new and updated technology. Laptops need to be kept current Henderson NV 10 $2,480,000 Public Safety -19
El Dorado Valley Regional Training Center - Infrastructure for a regional training center on dedicated BLM land that must be used for a regional purpose. The regional training center will provide local law enforcement agencies that are facing constraints Henderson NV 30 $2,000,000 Public Safety -19
Communication Center Improvement (Dispatch) Project – New redundant servers, radio consoles and reader boards to enhance the existing capabilities of our Communication Center not only handles police, but all fire calls as well. This project will provide Henderson NV 20 $1,467,000 Public Safety -12
Detention Center Control Room Equipment Enhancement Project – replace the existing security control room equipment in the Detention Center with a new super display touch screen control station in the Central Control, and three Dual LCD touch screen contro Henderson NV 8 $1,200,000 Public Safety -27
Radio Tower Repeater Site Project - this project will facilitate communications with a section of our population that currently has limited reception. The repeater is needed to protect public health and safety in cases of an imminent threat of flood, fire Henderson NV 5 $1,200,000 Public Safety -11
Court Security - Purchase and install e-security enhancement software for more efficient court administration. This would include Municipal Court E-Access, CourtView upgrades, court laptops, video security, security locks and x-ray check point machine. Henderson NV 9 $320,000 Public Safety -14
Construct separate established transit lanes to provide additional capacity for Bus Rapid Transit along Boulder Highway. Partner with RTC to increase transit service within Clark County. Henderson NV 200 $100,000,000 Transit -68
Union Park Infrastructure – Roadways, drainage, utility infrastructure within the City owned redevelopment area. Las Vegas NV 300 $60,000,000 Streets/Roads -58
Horse Interchange – Construct a new service interchange at Horse Drive and US95 to service the rapidly developing Northwest Las Vegas Las Vegas NV 165 $32,980,000 Streets/Roads -42
Grand Teton Overpass at US95 Las Vegas NV 81 $16,200,000 Streets/Roads -27
Vegas Drive Improvements – Michael Way to Rancho Drive Las Vegas NV 68 $13,600,000 Streets/Roads -30
Decatur Blvd Phase I – US95 to Faircenter Parkway Las Vegas NV 36.5 $7,300,000 Streets/Roads -29
Huntridge Phase 6 Neighborhood Roadway Rehabilitation - Reconstruct pavement in the Huntridge Phase 6 Neighborhood that has reach the end of the service life. Las Vegas NV 24 $4,800,000 Streets/Roads -25
Las Vegas Wash Trail Phase I – Construct a new transportation trail within the Las Vegas Wash right-of-way that will serve as a regional trail throughout Clark County. Las Vegas NV 20 $4,000,000 Streets/Roads -33
Clark County 215 (CC215) Beltway Multi-Use Trail – Construct a new transportation trail system within the CC215 right-of-way in the west area of Las Vegas. Las Vegas NV 20 $4,000,000 Streets/Roads -29
Stewart Avenue Rehabilitation Phase II – Las Vegas Blvd to Main Street Las Vegas NV 20 $3,980,000 Streets/Roads -24
Cliff Shadows Parkway Improvements – Cheyenne Avenue to Lone Mountain Road Las Vegas NV 19 $3,800,000 Streets/Roads -4
City of Las Vegas Traffic Package No. 7 – Construct new traffic signals and intersection improvements at Bonanza/Tonopah and Washington/Comstock. Las Vegas NV 18 $3,500,000 Streets/Roads -23
Charleston Boulevard ITS – Construct Intelligent Transportation System interconnect on Charleston Boulevard to facilitate traffic flow during peak travel times. Las Vegas NV 15 $3,000,000 Streets/Roads -20
Bonanza Road Overlay - Las Vegas Boulevard to Nellis Boulevard Las Vegas NV 10.5 $2,100,000 Streets/Roads -23
Rainbow Boulevard Overlay - Smoke Ranch Road to Lone Mountain Road Las Vegas NV 10 $2,000,000 Streets/Roads -24
Rancho Park Neighborhood Roadway Rehabilitation – Reconstruct pavement in the Rancho Park Neighborhood that has reach the end of the service life. Las Vegas NV 5 $1,000,000 Streets/Roads -25
Lamb Boulevard & Pecos Road Bus Turnouts – Construct new bus turnouts on Lamb Blvd and Pecos Road to relieve traffic congestion. Las Vegas NV 5 $1,000,000 Streets/Roads -20
Lamb Boulevard Overlay - Charleston Boulevard to Owens Avenue Las Vegas NV 5 $980,000 Streets/Roads -20
Maryland Parkway and 13th Street Overlays - Sahara Avenue to Stewart Avenue Las Vegas NV 4.5 $920,000 Streets/Roads -23
Alexander Road Overlay – Cimarron Road to US-95 Las Vegas NV 3.5 $700,000 Streets/Roads -21
Durango Drive Overlay – Cheyenne Avenue to Alexander Road Las Vegas NV 3 $600,000 Streets/Roads -24
Charleston Boulevard Sidewalk Replacement - Replace sidewalks along Charleston Boulevard to meet current ADA requirements. Las Vegas NV 2 $250,000 Streets/Roads -28
http://stimuluswatch.org/project/view/8900 Las Vegas NV 0 $0 Streets/Roads -27
Elkhorn Storm Drain (Las Vegas Wash Middle Branch – Decatur) – Regional flood control facility to provide protection for Northwest Las Vegas. Las Vegas NV 225 $45,000,000 Water -21
North and South Environmental Enhancement Areas in Floyd Lamb Park – New detention basins in Floyd Lamb park to protect Northwest Las Vegas, basin are beginning designed for combined recreational use and preserve environmental resources. Las Vegas NV 150 $30,000,000 Water -34
Rainbow Boulevard Storm Drain (Las Vegas Wash – Rainbow) – Regional flood control facility to provide protection for Northwest Las Vegas. Las Vegas NV 83 $16,500,000 Water -24
Las Vegas Performing Arts Center – Construct a new Performing Arts Center within the City’s Union Park Development. Las Vegas NV 1875 $375,000,000 CDBG -1881
Las Vegas City Hall and Parking Garage – Construct a new City Hall and Parking Garage within Downtown Las Vegas. Las Vegas NV 835 $167,000,000 CDBG -136
Las Vegas Historic Post Office Museum Rehabilitation Las Vegas NV 275 $55,000,000 CDBG -114
Project Clear Skies Downtown Aerial Utility Undergrounding Las Vegas NV 150 $30,000,000 CDBG -53
Rotary Park Rehabilitation Las Vegas NV 24 $4,700,000 CDBG -39
Stupak Park Reconstruction – Reconstruct an existing park within the Downtown Urban core. Las Vegas NV 20 $4,000,000 CDBG -34
Hoover Avenue & First Street Streetscape Project – Construct hardscape and landscaping enhancements within Downtown Las Vegas according to Centennial Standards. Las Vegas NV 20 $4,000,000 CDBG -37
Westside School Remodel- Renovation Las Vegas NV 12 $2,500,000 CDBG -28
Las Vegas Boulevard Neon Signs Project – Construct neon signage within Las Vegas Blvd in Downtown Las Vegas Las Vegas NV 10 $2,000,000 CDBG -110
Doolittle Park Renovations Phase I Las Vegas NV 10 $2,000,000 CDBG -38
Huntridge Neighborhood Street Lights and Sidewalks - Construct street lights and sidewalks were none exist within this older residential subdivision. Las Vegas NV 4 $800,000 CDBG -25
Ethel Pearson Park Improvements Las Vegas NV 4 $800,000 CDBG -32
4 megawatt Solar p.v. on public buildings (20 projects across the city that are all scoped and ready to build as funding becomes available) Las Vegas NV 30 $29,400,000 Energy -33
3 megawatt solar p.v. at Water Pollution Control Facility Las Vegas NV 15 $22,000,000 Energy -26
Fuel Cell – Water Pollution Control Facility Las Vegas NV 5 $18,500,000 Energy -28
Public Facility Energy Conservation Program Las Vegas NV 30 $5,000,000 Energy -24
Digester gas scrubbers – Water Pollution Control Facility Las Vegas NV 5 $2,000,000 Energy -31
Rebates for Home Performance Energy/Sustainability Audit and Retrofit program Las Vegas NV 250 $1,300,000 Energy -30
Rebates for Green Building Program Las Vegas NV 25 $1,000,000 Energy -45
Las Vegas Fire Training Burn Tower Rehabilitation Las Vegas NV 8 $1,500,000 Public Safety -36
Fire Station #42 Backup Generator Las Vegas NV 2 $350,000 Public Safety -27
ACE buses for Bus Rapid Transit lines Las Vegas NV 30 $25,000,000 Transit -52
Five miles of sidewalks and streetscape amenities downtown adjacent to Bus Rapid Transit lines Las Vegas NV 28 $5,000,000 Transit -72
Wastewater Treatment Facility Expansion Mesquite NV 120 $22,500,000 Water -17
Install new and upgrade existing traffic signals to energy efficient technology; upgrade video detection system for traffic signals; replace traffic signal controllers with smart technology to lower vehicle idling time and reduce travel time, thereby redu Reno NV 551 $19,375,000 Streets/Roads -61
Rehabilitation & preventative maintenance of surface streets throughout city Reno NV 528 $18,500,000 Streets/Roads -5
Traffic calming measures to increase pedestrian and bicycle safety in areas near neighborhood centers Reno NV 9 $300,000 Streets/Roads -49
Flow equalization basin & reuse pumping station upgrades Reno NV 157 $5,500,000 Water -17
2009 Sanitary Sewer CIPP Lining Project - large diameter sewer pipe rehabilitation Reno NV 124 $4,350,000 Water -8
North Virginia Phase 1B Interceptor replacement and upsize Reno NV 120 $4,200,000 Water -16
Lawton-Verdi Interceptor phase V - river crossing and interceptor extension Reno NV 115 $4,025,000 Water -4
2010 Unit 2 Sewer Replacement small diameter sewer pipe replacement Reno NV 91 $3,200,000 Water -12
Lakeside trunk sewer replacement - re-align & replace aging sewer Reno NV 89 $3,100,000 Water -14
Storm drain & other flood control projects Reno NV 86 $3,000,000 Water -15
Phase 1 - extend TMWRF reuse distribution system Reno NV 49 $1,715,000 Water -18
Overlay of Clean Water Way from TMWRF to McCarran Ave Reno NV 36 $1,250,000 Water -16
Removal and replacement of existing maintenance-intensive sludge cake pumps in the dewatering building Reno NV 32 $1,120,600 Water -17
Replace aging electrical switchgear - replace main electrical switchgear Reno NV 24 $850,000 Water -14
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