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Projects in Riverside, California

Below are the "shovel-ready" projects for which this city submitted in the 2008 U.S. Conference of Mayors report. You can click on a project to read (and add to) its description. You can also discuss the project and vote on whether you believe it is critical or not.

The total cost of all the projects submitted by Riverside is $287,372,000

Description City State Jobs Cost Program Type Vote Ratio
Arterial Streets Rehabilitation Riverside CA 23 $15,000,000 Streets/Roads 24
Van Buren Boulevard Widening - Santa Ana River to Jackson Street Riverside CA 8 $5,000,000 Streets/Roads 17
The Linden and Evans Reservoirs Replacement project Riverside CA 60 $135,000,000 Water 88
Techite Pipe Cross Town Feeder Replacement Riverside CA 30 $48,000,000 Water 4
Recycled Water Distribution System Phase 1 Riverside CA 30 $30,622,000 Water 17
The San Bernardino Water Transmission System Riverside CA 30 $23,000,000 Water 42
Water Distribution Main Replacement Project Riverside CA 45 $15,000,000 Water 78
North Side Taxiway Riverside CA 17 $5,000,000 Airport -44
Thermal energy storage- procure thermal energy storage technology for commercial demand response system to be utilitzed in 18 auto dealerships Riverside CA 205 $4,000,000 Energy 77
Prepare incentive rate structure and deploy technology for air conditioning cycling during summer peak period Riverside CA 20 $2,000,000 Energy 40
Photovoltaic Installation at the Riverside Convention Center Riverside CA 20 $1,000,000 Energy 63
Retrofit and redesign all Riverside Public Utilities office locations for optimal energy efficiency Riverside CA 10 $250,000 Energy -24
Indiana 4-Plexes Rehabilitation Project Riverside CA 120 $3,500,000 Housing 33