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Projects in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Below are the "shovel-ready" projects for which this city submitted in the 2008 U.S. Conference of Mayors report. You can click on a project to read (and add to) its description. You can also discuss the project and vote on whether you believe it is critical or not.

The total cost of all the projects submitted by Philadelphia is $2,777,076,450

Description City State Jobs Cost Program Type Vote Ratio
Street Repaving-Roadway improvements for a backlog of 78 miles of Federal Aid (FAM) streets; work included the resurfacing of the streets, reconstruction of all handicap ramps to bring them in compliance with new ADA requirements; design and placement Philadelphia PA 940 $87,500,000 Streets/Roads 27
ADA complaints ramps: City wide program to accelerate the installation ADA compliant ramps Philadelphia PA 470 $30,000,000 Streets/Roads -61
Street Lighting Pole Replacement – Install 5000 new fiberglass streetlight poles with new energy-efficient luminaries at existing locations as replacements for existing obsolete aluminum poles Philadelphia PA 196 $12,500,000 Streets/Roads -50
Passyunk Avenue Business Corridor traffic signal improvement: Traffic signal improvement project for the Passyunk Avenue Business Corridor. Also includes pedestrian improvements, curb bump-outs, realignment and traffic island construction. Philadelphia PA 110 $7,000,000 Streets/Roads -33
East Coast Greenway Ped Bridge: Complete final design and construct a pedestrian bridge to allow unobstructed access over railroad lines to a portion of the East Coast Greenway trail network Philadelphia PA 80 $5,100,000 Streets/Roads 0
Lancaster Avenue traffic signal improvements: Traffic Signal improvement project for the Lancaster Avenue traffic corridor. Philadelphia PA 47 $3,000,000 Streets/Roads -15
Engineering, construction management and administration (15%) Philadelphia PA 661 $42,188,900 Water -47
Manayunk sewer overflow basin Philadelphia PA 627 $40,000,000 Water 27
Poquessing Intercepting Sewer Relief Project: Construction of relief sewer to mitigate overflows Philadelphia PA 627 $40,000,000 Water 20
Water and Sewer Reconstruction Projects: 24 projects across the city to replace mains and sewers that are approximately 100 years old. Projects are selected based on a point system that takes into account the water main age, # of water main breaks, and Philadelphia PA 480 $30,735,000 Water 49
Northeast Water Pollution Control Plant improvements - infrastructure and deferred maintenance Philadelphia PA 419 $26,700,000 Water 34
Belmont Water Treatment Plant Improvements – Deferred facility maintenance Philadelphia PA 401 $25,488,000 Water 8
Baxter Water Treatment Plant Improvements - Infrastructure improvements and deferred maintenance. Philadelphia PA 255 $16,344,000 Water 10
Sewer Lining Projects – Four projects rehabilitate sewers, many more than a century old, that otherwise are prohibitively expensive or extremely difficult to reconstruct. Philadelphia PA 249 $15,900,000 Water 23
Queen Lane high service pump station Philadelphia PA 235 $15,000,000 Water -5
Queen Lane Water Treament Plant Improvements Philadelphia PA 228 $14,500,000 Water 5
Multiple Water Main Reconstructions : Water Main Reconstruction Projects – 19 projects across the city to replace mains that are approximately 100 years old. Projects are selected based on a point system that takes into account the water main age, # of Philadelphia PA 195 $12,409,000 Water 20
Citywide Street Tree Planting / Planters / Swales Philadelphia PA 183 $11,700,000 Water 18
Casting and manholes adjustments to correspond to Streets Department paving work Philadelphia PA 157 $10,000,000 Water -9
Stream & Wetland Restoration Philadelphia PA 141 $9,000,000 Water 18
Southwest Water Pollution Control Plant Improvements - Infrastructure improvements and deferred maintenance. Philadelphia PA 95 $6,001,000 Water 5
Standby generator projects at Roxborough Pump Station and Torresdal Pump Station Philadelphia PA 89 $5,650,000 Water 6
West Philadelphia sewer maintenance facilty Philadelphia PA 78 $5,000,000 Water 2
"I" Street & Ramona sewer outfall storage project: Construction of a steel gate at the outfall to store combined sewer flow in the sewer and prevent it from entering the stream. The stored sewage will be drained down slowly into our system after the stor Philadelphia PA 65 $4,163,250 Water 7
Southeast Water Pollution Control Plant Improvements – Infrastructure improvements and deferred maintenance. Philadelphia PA 48 $3,009,300 Water 2
Design / Project Management / Geotechnical Investigations / Infiltration Testing Philadelphia PA 47 $3,000,000 Water -8
Flat Rock Dam Rehabilitation Philadelphia PA 41 $2,600,000 Water 5
Green Schools Demonstration Projects Philadelphia PA 39 $2,500,000 Water -38
Roxborough Tanks - finished water storage rehabilitation Philadelphia PA 35 $2,200,000 Water 4
Biosolids Recycling Center Philadelphia PA 32 $2,024,000 Water 20
City Facilities Green Infrastructure Retrofits Philadelphia PA 31 $2,000,000 Water -11
Water Department Facilities Green Infrastructure Retrofits Philadelphia PA 31 $2,000,000 Water -8
29th & Cambria Water Conveyance Headquarters Improvements Philadelphia PA 27 $1,716,000 Water -9
Utility and Channel Stabilization Projects – Two projects to project sewer infrastructure and streams from impacts of erosion. Philadelphia PA 21 $1,335,000 Water 0
Drainage Right of Way Philadelphia PA 19 $1,232,000 Water -6
City Facilities Green Roof Program Philadelphia PA 16 $1,000,000 Water 9
Bureau of Laboratory Services - fencing, parking, lighting and security improvements Philadelphia PA 9 $600,000 Water -23
Replace Roof at Water Conveyance Headquarters Bldg. Philadelphia PA 6 $396,000 Water -5
Eden St Stormwater Outfall Philadelphia PA 5 $300,000 Water 5
Stormwater Detention Basin Retrofits Program Philadelphia PA 5 $300,000 Water 1
Water Department Headquarters - Computer center HVAC Upgrade and Back-Up Philadelphia PA 1 $85,000 Water -11
Reconstruct D-E Apron - Over one million square feet of 14-inch thick concrete paving located between Terminals D and E will be replaced. old pavement surface has reached the end of useful life for safe operation of aircraft" Philadelphia PA 792 $24,000,000 Airport 6
Reconstruct RW 9R/27L - Funds will be used for pavement resurfacing to Runway 9R/27L. Philadelphia PA 495 $15,000,000 Airport 5
Airfield Electrical Improvements- The airfield signage, lighting, and cabling will be replaced and upgraded. Philadelphia PA 132 $4,000,000 Airport -2
Rehabilitate Taxiways A & L (PNE) - Pavement rehabilitation will consist of mill and overlay, crack repairs, and full depth pavement replacement. Philadelphia PA 99 $3,000,000 Airport -4
Airfield - New Interior Perimeter Service Road Philadelphia PA 66 $2,000,000 Airport -14
Library Improvements: Project completion for upgrades and expansion of central library Philadelphia PA 1351 $115,000,000 CDBG -15
Market StreetCoordior-Market East: Acquistion, Construction, infrastructure and related costs to revitalize Market Street Corridor and Covention Center District, including adjacent Chinatown development Philadelphia PA 1111 $100,000,000 CDBG -52
Philadelphia Museum of Art: Reconstruction of loading docks and other infrastructure improvements Philadelphia PA 889 $80,000,000 CDBG -108
Family Court Building Development: Consolidation and relocation of the Family Court facility Philadelphia PA 833 $75,000,000 CDBG -29
Park and Recreation capital investment: Renovation and deferred maintenance of park and recreation facilities. Includes demolition of condemned and abandoned buildings, repaving, trail construction and rehabilitation, environmental restoration, historic Philadelphia PA 823 $70,000,000 CDBG 18
Housing Production & Preservation: Funding for preservation, new construction, acquistion, housing counseling and anti-foreclosure programs Philadelphia PA 556 $50,000,000 CDBG -29
Navy Yard: Site preparation and development of the new Corporate Center, infrastructure improvements and other projects at Naval Yard Philadelphia PA 556 $50,000,000 CDBG -20
Revitalization of West Market Street: Renovations, construction and infrastructure repair on the West Market Street corridor Philadelphia PA 556 $50,000,000 CDBG -7
Commercial Corrdior Improvements: Citywide commercial corridor improvements including lighting, street trees, signage, gateways and other Philadelphia PA 333 $30,000,000 CDBG -1
Hunting Park Redevelopment: Planning, acquisition and redevelopment of Hunting Park Area Philadelphia PA 333 $30,000,000 CDBG -38
Library system expansion: Construction of two new regional libraries in north and south sections of the city Philadelphia PA 352 $30,000,000 CDBG -32
Centennial District: Construction, infrastructure improvements and other costs related to the Centennial District Project Philadelphia PA 278 $25,000,000 CDBG 4
Central Delaware Waterfront: Riverfront trail, decking, finger piers, parks, transit connections and other development along the Delaware River Philadelphia PA 278 $25,000,000 CDBG 0
City-Wide Transit Oriented Development: Aquisition, redevelopment, and infrastructure for transit- oriented development Philadelphia PA 278 $25,000,000 CDBG 31
Free Library: Renovation and expansion of regional branches Philadelphia PA 278 $25,000,000 CDBG 25
Girard Avenue Streetscape Project: Streetscape infrastructure and transit improvement project from Delaware River to 33rd St. Philadelphia PA 278 $25,000,000 CDBG 23
Schuylkill River Park: Design, engineering and construction of trail, pedestrain overpass, decking and bridging st Schuylkill river Philadelphia PA 278 $25,000,000 CDBG 8
Avenue of the Arts North: North Broad street infrastructure and Streetscape Improvements Philadelphia PA 222 $20,000,000 CDBG -12
Demolition, Site Preparation, and Greening: Citywide demolition of vacant and blighted properties, site preparation and greening Philadelphia PA 222 $20,000,000 CDBG 18
Dilworth Plaza: Construction, infrastructure improvements and other costs related to the Dilworth Plaza Project. Philadelphia PA 222 $20,000,000 CDBG -37
Philadelphia Zoo: Construction, infrastructure, and other related costs for Children's Zoo, Aviary, Big Cat Falls and other exhibits Philadelphia PA 222 $20,000,000 CDBG 2
Capital improvements to health centers: Physical improvements to 8 neighborhood-based, community health centers. This includes weatherization, structural maintenance, mechanical systems upgrade, renovation, and upgrading of furniture and equipment Philadelphia PA 176 $15,000,000 CDBG 20
Neighborhood Health Center: Construction of neighborhood health center in underserved community in Philadelphia with high immigrant and uninsured populations Philadelphia PA 176 $15,000,000 CDBG -17
Residential facility: Facility for individuals requiring skilled nursing care and/or assistance with activities of daily living Philadelphia PA 176 $15,000,000 CDBG 9
Outdoor Community Theater: Reconstruction of important Community Theater Robin Hood Dell Philadelphia PA 141 $12,000,000 CDBG -61
30th Street Gateway: Pedestrian connections, circulation and parking Philadelphia PA 111 $10,000,000 CDBG 10
City-wide Supermarket Development: Aquisition, redevelopment, and infrastructure for supermarket development in underserved areas. Philadelphia PA 111 $10,000,000 CDBG -20
The Mann Center: Phase II renovations and construction of education center, concessions, restroom facilities & handicapped access area Philadelphia PA 111 $10,000,000 CDBG -24
Chinatown Community Center: Construction of Chinatown Community Center Philadelphia PA 118 $10,000,000 CDBG -42
Regional offices for human services: Creation of local offices for child welfare services including advocates and court offices Philadelphia PA 118 $10,000,000 CDBG -17
Robin Hood Dell East: Reconstruction of seating, drainage, lighting, stage, and other improvements Philadelphia PA 56 $5,000,000 CDBG -19
Branch Library Improvements: Upgrade of Facilities including Structural and mechanical Systems Philadelphia PA 58 $5,000,000 CDBG 10
Engagement center for homeless: Central intake location for homeless individuals and families with feeding center, behavioral health assessment, and overnight sleeping accommodations while assessment and placement is undertaken. Philadelphia PA 29 $2,500,000 CDBG 48
Bookmobiles: Purchase and deployment of bookmobiles in underserved communities in the city. Philadelphia PA 14 $500,000 CDBG -1
Weatherization: Whole house weatherization of approximately 10,000 homes in the next 12 months ($30m) and weatherization job training of additional auditors, insulators, and roofers ($4.5m) Philadelphia PA 110 $34,500,000 Energy 10
City Hall: Installation of modern HVAC systems Philadelphia PA 120 $20,000,000 Energy -15
Triplex - commercial office buildings: Chiller plant and controls modernization Philadelphia PA 70 $15,000,000 Energy -22
Exterior modernization of libraries: Windows and roof replacements at all libraries Philadelphia PA 0 $9,000,000 Energy 4
Heaters: Install 2,000 high efficiency heaters Philadelphia PA 0 $7,000,000 Energy -15
LED Lamps: Replace incandescent bulbs and ten year old LED lamps with new all LED Lamps for 3000 signalized intersections in the City, which will save the City $1,000,000. per year in energy cost (1) Philadelphia PA 94 $6,000,000 Energy 68
Residential Solar Energy Revolving Loan Fund: Residential Solar Energy Revolving Loan Fund resulting in initiation of solar projects at 500 residences in city of Philadelphia(2) Philadelphia PA 100 $4,000,000 Energy 25
Residential Rehabilitation: PGW Conservation Works Program Expansion and Redirection for Residential Rehabilitation, removing structural barriers to energy conservation(2) Philadelphia PA 100 $1,000,000 Energy -6
Chiller Replacement: Philadelphia Public Property Chiller Replacement at Criminal Justice Center. 2 year payback in energy cost savings for replacement of inefficient gas chillers with new electrical chillers.(1) Philadelphia PA 12 $550,000 Energy 9
PHA Rehabilitation & Development: Philadelphia Housing Authority public infrastructure improvements including new construction and rehabilation, utilities, curbing, sidewalks and landscaping for Mill Creek, Riverview and Paschall Homes developments, amon Philadelphia PA 556 $50,000,000 Housing -25
Youth Study Center: Construction of new juvenile detention facility to replace inadequate and outdated existing facility. Currently in temporary location. Philadelphia PA 1269 $110,000,000 Public Safety 11
Police administration building: Critical repairs to the police administration building including mechanic, electrical, plumbing, heating and air conditioning. This includes a possible relocation of Headquarters to a site at 4601 Market St. and the poten Philadelphia PA 115 $70,000,000 Public Safety 17
Prison facility repairs: Additional prison facility repairs - upgrades to sprinkler and security systems, various facilities Philadelphia PA 0 $63,000,000 Public Safety -22
800 MHz: Upgrade the digital public safety radio system and implement new underground infrastructure to accommodate the system Philadelphia PA 110 $60,000,000 Public Safety 14
Additional police facilities: Critical repairs to additional police facilities. PICA identified numerous deficiencies in Police districts that are prioritized accordingly: 2% priority one; 47% priority 2; 14% priority 3; 37% priority. PICA funding wil Philadelphia PA 0 $40,000,000 Public Safety 23
Fire repairs and replacement: Apparatus repairs and replacement Philadelphia PA 0 $40,000,000 Public Safety 41
Fusion Center: Construction and co-location of police resources in Fusion Center Philadelphia PA 120 $40,000,000 Public Safety -5
Police/Fire Radio: Police/Fire emergency communications radio system network. Philadelphia PA 120 $40,000,000 Public Safety 32
VSS Fiber Plant: Laying network of fiber to enable technologies such as video surveillance cameras. Philadelphia PA 125 $40,000,000 Public Safety -2
Morgue and Forensic Laboratory: Relocation of obsolete medical examiner offices, morgue, and laboratory facilities. Philadelphia PA 470 $40,000,000 Public Safety 4
Regional Training Center: Redeveloping the Academy Grounds into a Regional Training Center as well provide for the renovation of acquired federal government facilities located at Woodhaven Rd. and Wissahickon Ave. Philadelphia PA 0 $38,000,000 Public Safety -15
Integrated Health Information System: Extend health and opportunity information systems to integrate information multiple agencies and departments (CARES). Philadelphia PA 200 $35,000,000 Public Safety -4
Station updates: Additional station updates Philadelphia PA 0 $32,500,000 Public Safety 1
Juvenile detention facilities: Construction of a new juvenile detention facility & critical repairs to existing facilities Philadelphia PA 0 $30,000,000 Public Safety 1
Underground: Enabling access to public safety radio system in the subterranean areas of the city (subway) Philadelphia PA 500 $30,000,000 Public Safety 20
Officers for power shifts: 400 Officiers for Power Shifts - Desired force strength is 7,000. Intention to add 200 officers not realized in CY 08 due to budgetary constraints. Additional 400 officiers would bring force to desired strength. Philadelphia PA 0 $25,000,000 Public Safety 29
911 Infrastructure: Upgrade 911 systems to increase system stability and performance and allow for growth. Philadelphia PA 60 $20,000,000 Public Safety 25
Casino entertainment corridor: Construction of a new combined 50,000 square foot facility to serve the citizens amongst the developing entertainment corridor . The location would include the relocation of the 6th and 9th police districts. Philadelphia PA 0 $17,000,000 Public Safety -202
Public Safety ERP: Improved time reporting for time management, scheduling, and overtime payroll management Philadelphia PA 20 $15,000,000 Public Safety -3
Infrastructrure Stability: Improve technology posture to improve stability and allow for growth. Philadelphia PA 50 $15,000,000 Public Safety -5
Electronic health record: Purchase and deployment of electronic health records across the prison and linked health systems Philadelphia PA 176 $15,000,000 Public Safety -17
Colocation for sex crimes: Creation of central, combined location for police sex crimes unit, human services sex abuse services, and advocates for sexually abused and assaulted individuals Philadelphia PA 141 $12,000,000 Public Safety 6
Prison Mgmt Systems: Upgrade information management system to improve imate tracking and medical records. Philadelphia PA 25 $10,000,000 Public Safety -3
Co-location of services: Co-location of engine 20, ladder 23 and medic 1 for casino entertainment district Philadelphia PA 0 $8,000,000 Public Safety -29
Engine 38: Relocation of Engine 38 Philadelphia PA 0 $6,500,000 Public Safety 19
Public Safety Community Portal: Improve public safety performance by community groups through outreach to groups such as PDAC, Crimewatch, Townwatch, fire block captains. Philadelphia PA 5 $5,000,000 Public Safety 4
Fire Academy: Repairs to the Fire Academy Philadelphia PA 0 $3,500,000 Public Safety 26
Renovation and new schools: to support renovation efforts, fund new school and replacement schools Philadelphia PA 0 $150,000,000 Schools 20
Purchase of 40 Hybrid Buses - The SEPTA Board awarded a contract to New Flyer of America, Inc. for the purchase of 400 hybrid (diesel/electric) buses, with an option to purchase 20 additional buses each year for 4 years. SEPTA could quickly award an opti Philadelphia PA 678.3 $17,850,000 Transit 39
Broad Street Subway Stations - This project will provide for the construction of improvements to the Girard and Spring Garden Stations on the Broad Street Subway Line. These stations were originally constructed between 1928 and 1932 and are showing sig Philadelphia PA 604 $15,900,000 Transit 77
Callowhil/Victory Bus Garages Ventilation System Improvements - This project will provide for the installation of a new bus exhaust systems and general building ventilation system improvements at the Callowhill and Victory Bus Garages. The new bus exha Philadelphia PA 114 $3,000,000 Transit -8
Vehicle Washer Replacement - Fern Rock Shop and Frankford Bus Garage - This project will provide for installation of new vehicle washers at Fern Rock Rail Shop and Frankford Bus Garage. Existing washers at both locations have been in operation for over Philadelphia PA 99 $2,600,000 Transit -70