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Below you will find all the contracts, grants, and loans received by UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS as of October 30, 2009. You can sort by the different table columns. Click on an item for more information and to comment and vote on the item.

Primary Recipient

Type Description Amount City State Jobs Vote
Contract The funds will cover the support of clinical trials for the Accelerating Clinical Trials of Novel Oncologic PathWays (ACTNOW) project. $942,533 Sacramento CA 0 -1
Grant Binge Ethanol and Oocyte Quality $679,455 Davis CA 0 0
Grant AR Signal Mediators in Prostate Cancer $317,477 Sacramento CA 0 0
Grant Analysis of checkpoint function in the germ line $239,915 Davis CA 0 0
Grant Role of the Aryl hydrocarbon receptor (AhR) and RelB during the initiation of dendritic cell differentiation $219,960 Davis CA 0 0
Grant Human iPSC Neuronal Models for Early and Late Phases of FXTAS Neurodegeneration $393,544 Davis CA 0 0
Grant Interdisciplinary Investigation of Biological Signature of Autism Subtypes $1,429,402 Davis CA 0 0
Grant Building K2 Cagewash Facility Renovation $493,094 Davis CA 0 1
Grant Ecology and Genetics of An. gambiae on Islands $226,553 Davis CA 2 0
Grant Helicobactor pylori and the gastric microbial community in rhesus macaques $229,250 Davis CA 1 0
Grant Gene Expression and Immune Cell Function in mothers of Children with Autism $267,750 Davis CA 0 0
Grant Transmission and Virulence of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis $2,303,000 Davis CA 0 0
Grant Mechanims of Protection From, and Enhanced Susceptibility to, HIV Infection Afte $2,294,327 Davis CA 3 0
Grant Toward tissue engineering of the knee meniscus $377,921 Davis CA 0 0
Grant Mechanism of P73-Dependent Tumor Supression $302,253 Davis CA 2 0
Grant CRP, Diabetes, Atherothrombosis $456,130 Sacramento CA 1 0
Grant Subproject for Institution # 06-002766: Xenobiotics and Primary Biliary Cirrhosis $99,999 Davis CA 0 0
Grant Subproject for Institution # 09-002183: Modulation of Signal Transduction by Nano-Topography $409,229 Davis CA 0 0
Grant Subproject for Institution # 008734: Genetic Analysis of Bacterial Chromosome Structure $284,941 Davis CA 1 0
Grant Subproject for Institution # 015327: Studies of naturally occurring structurally modified carbohydrates $477,560 Davis CA 0 0
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Sub Recipient

Type Description Amount City State Jobs Vote
Grant Fimbrial Expression in Salmonella: Regulation and Coordination $68,439 Iowa City IA N/A 0
Grant IPY: Human Response to Climate Change at Cape Espenberg AD 800-1400 $145,623 Boulder CO N/A 0
Grant Rhizo-mining of root exudates for therapeutics against Enterococcus species $125,368 Newark DE N/A 0
Grant Fabrication of Low-Cost and High-Efficiency Thermoelectric Materials $62,899 Citrus Heights CA N/A 1
Grant Soluble Epoxide Hydrolase as a Novel Target of Colitis-Induced Carcinogenesis $71,589 Chicago IL N/A 0
Grant High-Throughput Targeted Mutagenesis of Mouse Stem Cell Lines $4,800,272 Oakland CA N/A -1
Grant Continued Core Atmospheric and Snow Measurements at the Summit, Greenland Environmental Observatory $183,013 Reno NV N/A 0
Grant Free-Standing All-Nanoparticle Thin Fibers: A Novel Building Block for Organic Photovoltaic Applications $127,916 Lincoln NE N/A 0
Grant ARRA: Pharmacology of Connexin Channels Structure-Activity Studies $91,800 New York NY N/A 0
Grant Early Autism Risk Longitudinal Investigation (EARLI) Network $80,440 Philadelphia PA N/A 0
Grant Experimental and Computational Analysis of Merotelic Kinetochore Formation, Dynamics, and Correction $91,200 Blacksburg VA N/A 0