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Below you will find all the contracts, grants, and loans received by SOUTH DAKOTA, STATE OF as of October 30, 2009. You can sort by the different table columns. Click on an item for more information and to comment and vote on the item.

Primary Recipient

Type Description Amount City State Jobs Vote
Grant From Miller to E of Wessington $1,571,611 Wessington SD 7 -1
Grant US 16 Fm Spring Creek to Cathedral in RC $4,296,900 Rapid City SD 0 0
Grant From SD 45 to Brentford $6,098,321 Brentford SD 14 0
Grant From East of the Cheyenne River to near SD 73 East Jct $2,546,826 Milesville SD 0 0
Grant Fm E of the Spink/Clark Co Line E to the East Clark City Limits & through Henry; $1,613,863 Clark SD 0 0
Grant SD 36, From the Junction of US16A/SD36 E 0.9 Mi $178,505 Milesville SD 0 0
Grant NBL, Fm S of the Volin Exit to S of the Beresford Exit $8,331,478 Beresford SD 26 0
Grant Fm Prairie City to 2.6 W of Bison $4,302,829 Prairie City SD 0 0
Grant US 16A, Fm the W Entrance of Custer State Park E to the Jct. With SD36, $2,637,284 Custer SD 0 0
Grant Fm the End of the Pavement N of the White River to S of I90 near Vivian $1,303,170 Vivian SD 2 0
Grant Fm the Slim Buttes Area to the West Jct of SD20. $3,174,933 Reva SD 0 0
Grant WBL, Fm White Lake to Mount Vernon $23,279,966 White Lake SD 27 0
Grant EBL, Fm E of the SD73 N Jct E to E of the SD73 S Jct.Near Kadoka; WBL, Fm W of the SD73 N Jct E to E of the SD73 S Jct. Near Kadoka & EBL/WBL, Fm the Jackson County Line to W of Murdo & EBL & WBL, fm $13,791,193 Kadoka SD 31 0
Grant FY2009 Recovery Act Justice Assistance Grant Program $3,193,114 Pierre SD 2 0
Grant State Fiscal Stabilization Fund - Government Services $23,204,486 Pierre SD 0 0
Grant SD 40 From SD 79 to the Trailer Park east of the Railroad Tracks in Hermosa. $1,643,771 Hermosa SD 0 0
Grant State Fiscal Stabilization Fund - Education Fund $69,876,101 Pierre SD 0 -1
Grant Bus Facilities and Transit Vehicels, ADP Hardware and Software $6,642,706 Pierre SD 161 -1
Grant SBL, Fm SD20 N to US12 $14,752,119 Summit SD 25 0
Grant SD 1804 from SD 44 South 8 miles $1,582,947 Geddes SD 2 0
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