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Below you will find all the contracts, grants, and loans received by SYSKA HENNESSY GROUP CONSTRUCTION INC. as of October 30, 2009. You can sort by the different table columns. Click on an item for more information and to comment and vote on the item.

Primary Recipient

Type Description Amount City State Jobs Vote
Contract Solar Photovoltaic Rooftop Power Installation $391,139 Yuma AZ 5 0
Contract Repair cast iron pipes, bldg 00300 ft gordon, ga $7,477,453 Augusta GA 93 0
Contract WP and repair Dental Clinic #3 Fort Hood TX $3,659,694 Killeen TX 45 0
Contract Replace motor control centers, Darnell CAH, Ft Hood, TX $1,504,306 Killeen TX 18 0
Contract Repair Fire Bldg 160, Tripler AMC Honolulu $288,706 Tripler Medical Center HI 4 0
Contract Repair Troop Med Clinic Ft. Lee VA $1,279,882 Fort Lee VA 16 1
Contract replace medical vacuum system building 36000 ft. hood, TX $141,939 Killeen TX 2 0