Primary award recipient

Type Description Amount City State Jobs Vote
Grant EFRI-HyBi: Bioengineering a System for the Direct Production of Biological Hydrocarbons for Biofuels $2,059,528 Ames IA 0 0
Grant High-Accuracy Protein Models Derived from Lower Resolution Data $52,007 Ames IA 0 0
Grant Stem Cell-Mediated Delivery of Neurotrophic Factors for Treatment of Glaucoma $342,817 Ames IA 1 0
Grant Solid-State NMR of influenza M2 protein in lipid bilayers $338,754 Ames IA 0 0
Grant NEESR Payload: Characterization of Dynamic Soil-Pile Interaction by Random Vibration Methods $99,913 Ames IA 0 0
Grant CAREER: Block Copolymer/Layered Silicate Nanocomposites - Dynamics and Thermodynamics $475,000 Ames IA 0 0
Grant Control of Cap-Independent Translation by a Viral 3' UTR $193,008 Ames IA 0 -1
Grant SHF: Small:Collaborative Research: Evidence-Based Reliability Assessment of Software Product Lines $248,901 Ames IA 0 0
Grant Nonparametric Likelihood for Dependent Data $169,982 Ames IA 0 0
Grant Extremal Problems on Hereditary Properties and Partitions of Combinatorial Structures $174,993 Ames IA 0 0
Grant Emergence, Mitigation, and Exploitation of Complex Behavior in Networked Control Systems $395,992 Ames IA 0 0
Grant Acquisition of An Accurate Mass Quadrupole Time of Flight Mass Spectrometer $384,200 Ames IA 0 0
Grant Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Awards: Structural and Biochemical Basis for Regulation of Ebola VP35 Function by dsRNA $51,710 Ames IA 0 0
Grant Thermophysical Propoerties of Titania Nanowires: Novel Characterization Toward High-Degree Property and Structure Manipulation in Manufacturing $266,048 Ames IA 0 0
Grant Toward a PROSPER State Partnership Network: Building Infrastructure and Capacity $1,329,736 Ames IA 0 0
Grant Lifetime Electrothermal Stress Management for Multi-Core Systems $366,399 Ames IA 0 0
Grant Federal Work Study $237,959 Ames IA 22 -1
Grant Dissecting the Structure and Function of the PDU Microcompartment in Salmonella $563,501 Ames IA 3 0
Grant Collaborative Research: Genome Evolution in Natural Populations and Synthetic Lines of Allopolyploids in Tragopogon $200,558 Ames IA 0 0
Grant MRI: Acquisition of Nanolithography Equipment $700,000 Ames IA 0 0
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