Primary award recipient

Type Description Amount City State Jobs Vote
Grant Coming Home: The Reintegration of Native Yup'ik Soldiers/Veterans into their rural communities $66,415 Chevak AK 0 0
Contract Advance the Near Infra-Red Camera development towards instrument engineering test unit delivery and flight unit assembly: - Complete Short Wave… $10,000,000 Tucson AZ 91 -1
Grant Arizona Bioscience Park $4,700,000 Tucson AZ 0 -1
Grant Acquisition of a New Electron Microprobe for The University of Arizona $500,000 Tucson AZ 0 1
Grant Eyespot Placement and Assembly in Chlamydomonas $571,194 Tucson AZ 1 0
Grant Hiaki Grammar: Documentation, Analysis and Teaching $144,223 Tucson AZ 1 5
Grant Fine-Grained Semantic Markup of Descriptive Data for Knowledge Applications in Biodiversity Domains $700,452 Tucson AZ 1 1
Grant Developing Heavy Stable Isotopes for Provenance of Turquoise, Metals and Glass $269,754 Tucson AZ 1 0
Grant Degradable plasmon resonant gold nanoshells $307,658 Tucson AZ 0 0
Grant SENSORS: In Vivo Joint Regeneration Monitoring System to be able to Establish Rehabilitation Approaches during Healing $360,000 Tucson AZ 0 0
Grant Quantitative paleorainfall reconstruction from the Chinese Loess Plateau using 10Be and magnetic susceptibility $399,734 Tucson AZ 0 0
Grant Triggered Star Forming Regions: Cradles of Forming Solar Systems? $311,777 Tucson AZ 0 0
Grant p-adic and mod p Galois representations $150,000 Tucson AZ 0 0
Grant CZO: Transformative Behavior of Water, Energy and Carbon in the Critical Zone: An Observatory to Quantify Linkages among Ecohydrology, Biogeochemistry, and Landscape Evolution $4,350,000 Tucson AZ 0 0
Grant CAREER: Analog Computation Based Real-Time Global Power Management: from Devices to Multi-Core Systems $400,448 Tucson AZ 0 0
Grant MSI: The COsmic-ray Soil Moisture Observing System (COSMOS) $5,449,995 Tucson AZ 0 0
Grant Adaptive distribution of morphological specialists in social insects: New insights into the evolution of division of labor $450,000 Tucson AZ 1 -1
Grant Collaborative Research: Tracking Galaxy Growth with 200,000 Spectroscopic Redshifts $193,653 Tucson AZ 0 0
Grant CSR: Small: Data-Adaptable Reconfigurable Embedded Systems (DARES) $469,405 Tucson AZ 1 0
Grant Geodetic Expressions of Plate Boundary Zone Dynamics from EarthScope Facilities $203,082 Tucson AZ 0 0
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