Primary award recipient

Type Description Amount City State Jobs Vote
Grant NC State University Insect Museum: Safeguarding and Developing a Community Resource $253,123 Raleigh NC 0 -4
Grant Research and Educational Use of the North Carolina State University Mycological Herbarium Through Improved Computerization and Internet Presence $252,064 Raleigh NC 0 -2
Grant CAREER: Multi-Scale Interactions of Waves, Currents and Morphology With Application to Rip Currents $567,232 Raleigh NC 1 -2
Grant Stretchable, Tunable, Self-Healing Micro-Fluidic Antennas $340,706 Raleigh NC 0 -2
Grant Initiative for Maximizing Student Diversity $112,363 Raleigh NC 1 -2
Grant CAREER: Dynamics of African Easterly Waves: Integrating phenomenological studies and Mathematical Instruction in Atmospheric Science $556,607 Raleigh NC 1 -2
Grant Comparative Strategies of Ion Trafficking and Antioxidant Physiology in Stream Insects: A Phylogenetic Approach $485,999 Raleigh NC 1 -1
Grant Improving Animal Resources at N.C. State University $161,470 Raleigh NC 0 -1
Grant QTLs in Drosophila $438,949 Raleigh NC 0 -1
Grant NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program - ARRA $1,000,000 Raleigh NC 0 -1
Grant Collaborative Research: Intermittent and Steady State Processes in Orographic Precipitation $345,879 Raleigh NC 0 -1
Grant HCC: Medium: Collaborative Research: Improving Older Adult Cognition: The Unexamined Role of Games and Social Computing Environments $770,856 Raleigh NC 1 -1
Grant Kenan Fellows Master Teachers: Partnering For Success in the 21st Century $1,499,934 Raleigh NC 1 -1
Grant EFRI-HyBi Preliminary Proposal: Algal Oils to 'Drop-in' Replacements For Petroleum Transportation Fuels $1,999,172 Raleigh NC 1 -1
Grant CSR: Small: Online System Anomaly Prediction and Diagnosis for Large-Scale Hosting Infrastructures $405,000 Raleigh NC 0 -1
Grant Hyperthermophilic Affinity Ligands For Protein Purification $298,106 Raleigh NC 0 -1
Grant Live Oral Listeria Vaccine Vector $185,260 Raleigh NC 1 0
Grant Revolutionizing Preclinical Detection of Risk Factors For Idiosyncratic Drug-Induced Liver Injury $498,404 Raleigh NC 0 0
Grant NEESR CR, An Innovative Seismic Performance Enhancement Technique For Steel Building Beam-Column Connections $590,391 Raleigh NC 0 0
Grant Computer Simulations of Protein Aggregation $178,767 Raleigh NC 0 0
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