Awards in Washington

Below are the stimulus contracts, grants, and loans in this state. You can click on an award to read (and add to) its description. You can also discuss the award and vote on whether you are satisfied with it or not. For a more local view, you can drill down to awards in a particular city.

The total of cost of all the projects submitted by Washington is $5,425,849,043.40

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Type Description Amount City State Jobs Vote
Grant $4,400,000 for preventive maintenance, $1,571,075 for replacement of a compressed natural gas compressor and related equipment, and $5,400,000 for replacement of nine buses. $11,371,075 Lakewood WA 52 0
Grant 'Collaborative Research: Developing a Practical & Quantitative Method for Measurement of Metamorphic Porphyroblast Crystallization Kinetics and Strain Rate' $137,481 Bellingham WA 2 0
Grant 'Collaborative Research: P2C2--Ince Core Paleoclimate Records from Combatant Col, British Columbia, Canada' $281,109 Bellingham WA 0 0
Grant 'Collarborative Research: RUI: Seimicity and 3-D velocity atructure of Loihi submarine volcano' $193,543 Bellingham WA 0 0
Grant 'COPS Hiring Recovery Program (CHRP)' $1,595,375 Tacoma WA 5 0
Grant 'Establishing Drosophila as a Model to Study Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome' $159,833 Bellingham WA 0 0
Grant 'Faculty Development Award' $100,000 Bellingham WA 0 0
Grant 'Incubation of Craving: Neural Substrates' $39,862 Bellingham WA 2 0
Grant 'RUI: Collaborative Research: Collection enhancement and biodiversity informatics for Pacific Northwest macromoths' $146,905 Bellingham WA 0 0
Grant 'RUI: Impact of Military Service on Health' $74,785 Bellingham WA 0 0
Grant 'TeachWashington Noyce Teacher Scholarships' $899,947 Bellingham WA 0 0
Contract 'The contractor shall, in accordance with the terms of this contract, provide the personnel, materials, supplies, and services and do… $1,359,715,229 Richland WA 621 -131
Contract 'The COPS Hiring Recovery Program (CHRP) provides funding directly to law enforcement agencies to hire and/or rehire career law enforcement… $261,761 Snohomish WA 1 0
Grant 'WACC Vista Project' $4,000 Bellingham WA 0 0
Grant (1) Rehab of rental housing, (2) Rehab assistance to existing homeowners, and (3) Acquisition with rehabilitation for homebuyer units. $247,066 Olympia WA 0 0
Contract - Award Title: Pacific Northwest National Laboratory: Reviewers for ARPA-E - Award Purpose ARPA-E review - Award Description To fund… $40,000 Richland WA 1 -1
Contract - Award Title: Recovery Act Greenhouse Gas Tools and Resources Support - Award Purpose: To have FEMP develop and provide… $300,000 Richland WA 0 -2
Contract - Task 1 - ARRA ? Smart Grid Investment Grant & Interoperability Coordination - $150K o Purpose: OE requires smart… $880,000 Richland WA 2 -1
Grant 09 ARRA 5307 Bus (5); ADA Bus (3) $2,151,005 Yakima WA 32 0
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