Awards in Ohio

Below are the stimulus contracts, grants, and loans in this state. You can click on an award to read (and add to) its description. You can also discuss the award and vote on whether you are satisfied with it or not. For a more local view, you can drill down to awards in a particular city.

The total of cost of all the projects submitted by Ohio is $4,813,568,690.85

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Type Description Amount City State Jobs Vote
Grant Federal Work Study $217,919 Ada OH 19 0
Grant Head Start, Early Head Start $822,964 Akron OH 8 0
Grant Improved Manufacturing Method for Carbon Nanofiber Production $99,990 Akron OH 1 1
Grant Recovery Act JAG Program $1,088,945 Akron OH 0 0
Grant Expansion of C.A.R.E. Center Services to Include Trauma Intervention Services for Child Crime Victims $882,550 Akron OH 0 0
Grant Characterization of leptin's effect in early developing and adult zebrafish $14,850 Akron OH 1 0
Grant Computational & Experimental Analysis of Tibial Tubersosity Transfers $74,500 Akron OH 1 0
Grant Impacts of Climate Change and Ice Conditions on Microbial Food Web Dynamics in the Barents Sea $617,827 Akron OH 0 -5
Grant REU: Site: Ecology at the Urban-Rural Interface $180,001 Akron OH 1 0
Grant Calculus of Variations and Hamilton-Jacobi Equations in the Wasserstein Space $70,907 Akron OH 0 -1
Grant EHR Purchase, Portage Renovation $520,060 Akron OH 0 0
Grant Newton Manor Apartments $165,880 Akron OH 3 -2
Grant Nela Manor $75,080 Akron OH 2 -2
Grant Verona Gardens Apartments $310,464 Akron OH 3 -5
Grant Homeless Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing $2,790,522 Akron OH 0 -2
Grant Akron Summit Community Action, Inc. YouthBuild Program $667,800 Akron OH 5 2
Grant CDBG-R $1,824,341 Akron OH 0 -1
Grant Collaborative Research: Understanding the basis of interactions between adaptive mutations and their environment $139,430 Akron OH 1 0
Grant Acquisition of a dual Cu/Mo source X-ray diffractometer $438,650 Akron OH 0 -1
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