Awards in Iowa

Below are the stimulus contracts, grants, and loans in this state. You can click on an award to read (and add to) its description. You can also discuss the award and vote on whether you are satisfied with it or not. For a more local view, you can drill down to awards in a particular city.

The total of cost of all the projects submitted by Iowa is $1,507,367,183.94

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Type Description Amount City State Jobs Vote
Grant SHF: Small:Collaborative Research: Evidence-Based Reliability Assessment of Software Product Lines $248,901 Ames IA 0 0
Grant Collaborative Research: Glacier Seismicity and Its Relationship to Basal Movement $299,419 Ames IA 0 0
Grant Nonparametric Likelihood for Dependent Data $169,982 Ames IA 0 0
Grant CAREER: Development of Novel Methods to Measure Cell Membrane Protein Clustering in vivo: Unraveling the Relationship between Clustering, Ligand Binding and Cell Signaling $600,000 Ames IA 0 0
Grant Extremal Problems on Hereditary Properties and Partitions of Combinatorial Structures $174,993 Ames IA 0 0
Grant Local and Direct Discontinuous Galerkin Methods: New Algorithms and Applications $99,235 Ames IA 0 1
Grant Emergence, Mitigation, and Exploitation of Complex Behavior in Networked Control Systems $395,992 Ames IA 0 0
Grant Rheology of Nanosize Powder Suspensions $300,000 Ames IA 0 0
Grant Acquisition of An Accurate Mass Quadrupole Time of Flight Mass Spectrometer $384,200 Ames IA 0 0
Grant Rapid Process Development for Chemical Mechanical Planarization: A Multi-Scale Framework $476,449 Ames IA 1 0
Grant Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Awards: Structural and Biochemical Basis for Regulation of Ebola VP35 Function by dsRNA $51,710 Ames IA 0 0
Grant Transit Capital Assistance - Non-urbanized $15,156,406 Ames IA 9 0
Grant Highway capital projects $357,722,231 Ames IA 1,268 -2
Grant Histone Modifications and Higher-Order Chromatin Structure $450,433 Ames IA 0 0
Grant Thermophysical Propoerties of Titania Nanowires: Novel Characterization Toward High-Degree Property and Structure Manipulation in Manufacturing $266,048 Ames IA 0 0
Grant REU Site: Summer Undergraduate Research Experiences in Biogeosciences at Iowa State University $351,513 Ames IA 0 0
Grant EFRI-HyBi: Bioengineering a System for the Direct Production of Biological Hydrocarbons for Biofuels $2,059,528 Ames IA 0 0
Grant Toward a PROSPER State Partnership Network: Building Infrastructure and Capacity $1,329,736 Ames IA 0 0
Grant High-Accuracy Protein Models Derived from Lower Resolution Data $52,007 Ames IA 0 0
Grant Lifetime Electrothermal Stress Management for Multi-Core Systems $366,399 Ames IA 0 0
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