Awards in Washington, D.C.

Below are the stimulus contracts, grants, and loans in this state. You can click on an award to read (and add to) its description. You can also discuss the award and vote on whether you are satisfied with it or not. For a more local view, you can drill down to awards in a particular city.

The total of cost of all the projects submitted by Washington, D.C. is $2,822,429,606.05

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Type Description Amount City State Jobs Vote
Grant Recovery Act Capital Program- National Railroad Passenger Corporation Grants $1,293,525,000 Washington DC 779 -119
Grant SFSF: Education Stabilization Fund $48,983,997 Washington DC 141 -1
Grant Equal Justice Works AmeriCorps Recovery Fellowships $1,191,316 Washington DC 90 0
Grant Recovery Corps: Transforming Communities $1,288,799 Washington DC 82 0
Contract 1. EXERCISE OPTION 1, PHASE 2 ? Construction services in the amount of $34,914,000.00. 2. EXERCISE OPTION 1, PHASE 2,… $43,414,000 Washington DC 78 -1
Grant Head Start 2009 ARRA COLA Quality Improvement Funding $70,624 Washington DC 78 0
Grant Federal Work Study $793,800 Washington DC 53 0
Contract The purpose of this procurement is to obtain the services of a broadband industry consultant to implement the statutory requirements… $27,935,751 Washington DC 47 -1
Grant Collaborative Research: EarthScope Facility Operation and Maintenance (FY2008-FY2013) (USArray) $5,101,724 Washington DC 44 0
Contract Facility Energy Improvements National Maritime Intelligence Center, Washington DC 20395 $1,592,373 Washington DC 40 0
Grant Corporate Research Postdoctoral Fellowship Program $2,665,991 Washington DC 40 0
Contract DTV Walk-In/Mobile install: Other award for North East (REGION 6) Tougts the pativipants how to install/convert analog TV to digital… $208,956 Washington DC 31 0
Contract DTV Walk-In/Mobile install: Other award for North East (REGION 6) Educate the ends users how to install the digital TV. $417,912 Washington DC 31 0
Contract Demolition and removal of hazardous waste in building. $2,682,344 Washington DC 23 0
Contract We operated 8 static full service Digital Television (DTV) Walk in centers and 6 DTV mobile clinics in Pacific Region… $187,488 Washington DC 23 0
Grant Recovery-NCLR Project $205,367 Washington DC 23 0
Grant DTV Transition Act Discretionary Non-Competitive Award $1,200,000 Washington DC 23 0
Grant Recovery National AIDS Fund Program $157,500 Washington DC 21 0
Contract Operate 3 walk-in DTV outreach assistance centers in Holland, MI; Columbus, OH, and Youngstown, OH: Conducting hands-on demonstrations, providing a… $104,478 Washington DC 19 0
Grant Ocean Observatories Initiative $105,930,000 Washington DC 18 0
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