Awards in Morgantown, West Virginia

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The total of cost of all the projects submitted by Morgantown is $41,023,446.38

Type Description Amount City State Jobs Vote
Contract The overall purpose of this effort is to provide technical programmatic assistance to the National Energy Technology Laboratory's (NETL's) Project… $3,652,616 Morgantown WV 0 -1
Contract Virtual Global is supporting a Phase 2 SBIR to commercialize a patented NIST invention entitled Role-based Workflow for applications in… $299,629 Morgantown WV 2 -2
Contract This project consists of deformation surverys to monitor the dam piers and gate bays for the Hildebrand Dam. There are… $48,343 Morgantown WV 0 0
Contract The purpose of this contract is to obtain services for the Student/Resident Experiences and Rotations in Community Health (SEARCH) program(s)… $175,085 Morgantown WV 0 -1
Grant Cheat Lake Bridge $6,434,600 Morgantown WV 0 0
Grant Mon/Fay Xway Section 00 $15,356,905 Morgantown WV 8 0
Grant Pierpont - Cheat Lake $1,312,200 Morgantown WV 7 0
Grant Orchard By-Pass $1,957,100 Morgantown WV 5 0
Grant Westover Bridge $950,700 Morgantown WV 0 0
Grant De Novo Synthesis for MedChem on Sugars $293,000 Morgantown WV 4 0
Grant Phosphodiesterase-2 and Mood Disorders: Target Validation and Drug Discovery (RC1) $483,316 Morgantown WV 0 -1
Grant COPS Hiring Recovery Program (CHRP) $197,566 Morgantown WV 0 -1
Grant Recovery Act JAG Program $247,062 Morgantown WV 0 0
Grant Enhancing Investigation of Drug-Related and Other Crimes $174,992 Morgantown WV 0 -1
Grant Synthesis and Evaluation of Sigma-Active Cocaine Antagonists - Equipment $41,900 Morgantown WV 0 -1
Grant WC-Co nanoparticles in initiating angiogenesis by reactive oxygen species $424,850 Morgantown WV 3 0
Grant Mucosal dendritic cell function following enteric virus infection $183,125 Morgantown WV 0 0
Grant Precocious Immune Senescence induced by pre- & postnatal atrazine exposure $219,750 Morgantown WV 1 0
Grant Plasticity in Deep Cerebellar Nuclei $204,075 Morgantown WV 2 0
Grant Investigation of Longitudinal Consequences of Adverse Events among Older Adults $179,051 Morgantown WV 2 0
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