Awards in Madison, Wisconsin

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The total of cost of all the projects submitted by Madison is $1,714,371,932.22

Type Description Amount City State Jobs Vote
Contract EWP-FPE Engineering Design Work $867,230 Madison WI 0 -1
Contract Legal Land Surveys in Rock County, Wisconsin $83,429 Madison WI 2 -1
Contract EWP-FPE Legal land surveys $38,929 Madison WI 0 -1
Contract Repair Mechanical Systems, DFRC; Repair Greenhouse Cooling System, CCRU, Madison WI $59,190 Madison WI 0 0
Contract Repair Exterior Brick and Reseal Windows, DFRC, Madison, WI $19,048 Madison WI 0 -4
Contract Phase I for undeveloped land. $35,865 Madison WI 10 -3
Contract Manage all types of Title IV student aid obligations, including, but not limited to, servicing and consolidation of outstanding debt. $5,000,000 Madison WI 0 -2
Contract The SEARCH program offers an opportunity to work with academic programs and community partners at health care delivery sites located… $199,999 Madison WI 0 -2
Contract Type C Construction Inspection Services for Construct Security Forces CATM/CATS at General Mitchell ANGB, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. $62,096 Madison WI 0 -1
Contract other architects & engin gen $46,860 Madison WI 0 -5
Contract Architect-Engineer Services, Madison Wisconsin High Performance Green Building at the Kastenmeier U.S. Courthouse $56,668 Madison WI 0 0
Grant ARRA CYP1B1 and Retinopathy of Prematurity $350,550 Madison WI 1 0
Grant ARRA Novel Erythroid Cell Membrane Protein $222,750 Madison WI 0 0
Grant Regulation of phenotypic variation in Xenorhabdus nematophila $45,218 Madison WI 0 0
Grant ARRA Eukaryotic Translation of Prokaryotic Quorum Signals $47,210 Madison WI 1 0
Grant ARRA Support of Synchrotron Radiation Center Operations $5,000,000 Madison WI 12 2
Grant ARRA Transthyretin's Regulatory Role in Beta-Amyloid Aggregation and Toxicity $412,697 Madison WI 2 0
Grant ARRA CAREER: Fundamental Understanding of Behaviors and Impacts of Cell Wall Lignin during Bioconversion of Lignocellulose to Fuel Ethanol $450,000 Madison WI 1 -4
Grant ARRA Aqueous humor dynamics studies in vivo and in vitro $360,267 Madison WI 0 0
Grant ARRA Upgrade of Cyber-Enabled Facility for Computational Chemistry Research and Education $562,307 Madison WI 0 -1
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