Awards in Richland, Washington

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The total of cost of all the projects submitted by Richland is $2,083,601,219.92

Type Description Amount City State Jobs Vote
Contract Award Title: ARM Climate Research Facility (ACRF) Initiative Award Purpose: The Recovery Act funds will support the development of the… $60,000,000 Richland WA 4 -2
Contract Award Title: Enhance and Accelerate FEMP Service Functions t the Federal Government Purpose: PNNL will provide technical assistance to enhance… $2,000,000 Richland WA 0 -4
Contract Award Title: Integrated Assessment Research. Award Purpose: Contribute to significant advances for the Integrated Assessment Research Program (IARP) whose goals… $4,860,000 Richland WA 1 -1
Contract Calyptus was awarded the contract to provide support to DOE-RL Procurement Division for ARRA Contract Administration through September 30, 2010. $280,463 Richland WA 0 0
Grant City of Richland, CDBG-R Program $72,674 Richland WA 1 0
Contract DE-BP0000648: Title: Cultural Resources Program Support - Provide support to the Department of Energy, Richland Operations Office, Cultural Resources Program… $332,969 Richland WA 0 0
Contract DE-BP0000754: Title : Environmental Management Program Support - Provide environmental regulatory compliance support including review of regulatory documents, support for… $484,879 Richland WA 0 -1
Contract Develop a new type of biphasic working fluid for subcritical geothermal systems that utilizes microporous nanostructured metal-organic solids as the… $696,000 Richland WA 0 -1
Contract Financial analyst $349,158 Richland WA 1 -1
Contract Financial auditors $566,173 Richland WA 0 -1
Contract Fire Protection Engineering Support $668,878 Richland WA 1 0
Grant First Street Improvements $1,600,000 Richland WA 1 0
Grant Head Start and Early Head Start $246,963 Richland WA 2 0
Contract In April 2009, WCH received ARRA funds accelerating remediation effort within approximate 210 square miles, at the Hanford Site along… $253,614,000 Richland WA 36 -3
Contract Little Goose and Lower Granite Visitor Center HVAC $584,869 Richland WA 1 0
Grant LUTHER SR CENTER ADDITION #1 $38,948 Richland WA 6 0
Contract Modification to Project Facilitation Task Order DE-AT36-08GO28128 Statement of Work. Replaced the Statement of Work with a revised Statement of… $37,900 Richland WA 0 0
Contract National Environmental Policy Act Support Services. $0 Richland WA 0 -1
Contract Nuclear Safety Basis Support $546,114 Richland WA 1 0
Contract On a weekly and monthly basis, identify and compile as necessary the performance data, forecasts and other ARRA metrics to… $188,074 Richland WA 1 -1
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