Awards in Spokane, Washington

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The total of cost of all the projects submitted by Spokane is $69,306,797.27

Type Description Amount City State Jobs Vote
Contract Upgrade the Garage/Shop Building to meet seismic requirements as discovered by the Seismic Evaluation performed in 2003 for the Willard… $93,632 Spokane WA 0 0
Contract MINI BOATS $130,769 Spokane WA 12 -2
Contract Contractor to provide all labor, materials and equipment necessary to enhance the physical security of the Outpatient Clinic, Building 74,… $151,872 Spokane WA 0 -2
Contract Completion of 'Site Investigation and 30% Working Drawings & Specifications' (Design/Build documents) for the installation of a new HVAC system… $7,619 Spokane WA 2 0
Contract Equipment mounting stand for project gauge. $5,265 Spokane WA 1 0
Contract The prime construction management contract is supporting the Thomas S. Foley Courthouse modernization project. Services include: construction management; commissioning and… $584,067 Spokane WA 3 1
Contract Install Grease Trap for BLdg 75 - The Canteen. All labor, materials and equipment for excavation, site prep, plumbing, safety… $54,206 Spokane WA 0 0
Contract Provide all labor and materials to conduct a renovation feasibility study in the CLC (Community Living Center- previously known a… $28,670 Spokane WA 2 0
Contract Timbers, Typar and Rebar for Construction Project $34,330 Spokane WA 15 0
Contract Culvert Pipe and Inlet with cover $27,142 Spokane WA 15 0
Contract Design services to replace emergency generators at VAMC in Spokane, Wa. $218,379 Spokane WA 1 0
Contract Fish Cleaning Station $13,890 Spokane WA 1 0
Grant ARRA Capital Improvement Program for Community Health Centers $1,203,715 Spokane WA 3 0
Grant Fish Lake Trail $1,055,837 Spokane WA 11 0
Grant YWCA of Spokane Alternatives to Domestic Violence Program Fumie Transitional housing program for Victims of DV $498,253 Spokane WA 0 0
Grant Head Start/Early Head Start 2009 ARRA COLA Quality Improvement Funding $513,903 Spokane WA 0 0
Grant Increase Services to Health Centers $451,879 Spokane WA 6 0
Grant 5 Mile + Strong Rd. - Project 1 $859,000 Spokane WA 6 0
Grant JAG Recovery $12,479,764 Spokane WA 2 -3
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