Awards in Seattle, Washington

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The total of cost of all the projects submitted by Seattle is $544,730,858.61

Type Description Amount City State Jobs Vote
Grant CAREER: 21 cm Cosmology Observations $713,199 Seattle WA 0 -2
Grant Wave Impacts in Upper Ocean Mixing $1,499,988 Seattle WA 0 0
Grant Ensemble-based hurricane state estimation, intensity prediction, and targeting $394,950 Seattle WA 1 0
Grant 1st Avenue South, Phase 2A, Multi-modal Enhancements (SW 192 to SW 200) $4,015,842 Seattle WA 6 0
Grant EMSW21-RTG: Research Training Grant in Inverse Problems and Partial Differential Equations $2,070,940 Seattle WA 0 0
Grant Ultra-low Fouling Peptide-Based Thin Films, Nanoparticles, and Polymers $300,000 Seattle WA 0 0
Grant UpTempO: Measuring the Upper Temperature of the Arctic Ocean $875,222 Seattle WA 0 0
Grant II-NEW: Practical Pluggable Type Systems $681,071 Seattle WA 0 0
Grant Elementary Particle Physics Using High Energy Colliders $2,710,000 Seattle WA 3 0
Grant Collaborative Research: Changing Seasonality of the Arctic: Alteration of Production Cycles and Trophic Linkages in Response to Changes in Sea Ice and Upper Ocean Physics $391,639 Seattle WA 0 0
Grant NeTS:Medium:Internet Measurement in the Large $600,000 Seattle WA 0 -2
Grant Collaborative Research: Impacts of the Changing Seasonality of Wind-driven Mixing on the Arctic System $518,993 Seattle WA 0 0
Grant Collaborative Research: Investigating the relationships between changing seasonality of marine shelf ice/ocean conditions and tundra vegetation, and their effects on energy and carbon budgets $192,833 Seattle WA 0 0
Grant TC:Medium:Collaborative Research: Mobile Personal Privacy and Security - A New Framework and Technology to Account for Human Values $875,000 Seattle WA 0 0
Grant Schubert and Birkhoff varieties in affine flag varieties $124,997 Seattle WA 1 6
Grant Extending applications and improving methods for luminescence dating of archaeological materials $185,341 Seattle WA 0 0
Grant Record of the 17O-excess of H2O in the WAIS Divide ice core $376,672 Seattle WA 0 0
Grant Collaborative Research: Antarctic climate reconstruction utilizing the US ITASE ice core array $552,114 Seattle WA 0 0
Grant Purchase of an X-ray Diffractometer $301,599 Seattle WA 0 -1
Grant C1-oxidation pathways in proteobacteria: function and regulation $540,154 Seattle WA 1 0
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