Awards in Seattle, Washington

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The total of cost of all the projects submitted by Seattle is $544,730,858.61

Type Description Amount City State Jobs Vote
Grant Towards a Model of Fanconi Anemia $500,000 Seattle WA 0 0
Grant Integration of Fuels, Fires and Vegetation Software Tools to Improve Assessments of Landscape Scale Fire Hazard $500,004 Seattle WA 0 0
Grant Collaborative Research: Investigating the relationships between changing seasonality of marine shelf ice/ocean conditions and tundra vegetation, and their effects on energy and carbon budgets $192,833 Seattle WA 0 0
Grant NSF RAPID GRANT-The Migrant Material Culture Project: An Ethnographic and Ethnoarchaeological Analysis of Undocumented Migration in Southern Arizona and Northern Mexico $31,860 Seattle WA 1 0
Grant Measurement of Cancer-Associated Biomarker Proteins in Complex Biological Samples $3,205,352 Seattle WA 0 0
Grant Defining the host antiviral response to West Nile Virus $50,054 Seattle WA 0 0
Grant Schubert and Birkhoff varieties in affine flag varieties $124,997 Seattle WA 1 6
Grant Arts and the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act of 2009 $25,000 Seattle WA 0 0
Grant ARRA Rail and Transit Security Grant Program - Law Enforcement $1,906,530 Seattle WA 5 0
Grant Record of the 17O-excess of H2O in the WAIS Divide ice core $376,672 Seattle WA 0 0
Grant Head Start 2009 ARRA COLA quality Improvement Funding $239,941 Seattle WA 2 0
Grant Market Terrace $131,040 Seattle WA 2 0
Grant Purchase of an X-ray Diffractometer $301,599 Seattle WA 0 -1
Grant Optimized ex vivo expansion of anti-tumor Th1 and Tc1 for adoptive immunotherapy. $582,940 Seattle WA 1 0
Grant Construct University Link light rail, Mountlake Terrace Freeway Station and M-Lakewood Track and Signal projects. Design and construct Tukwila Commuter Rail Station and procure clean fuels buses. $23,061,105 Seattle WA 53 2
Grant CAREER: Advancing Electronic Structure Theories for Properties and Dynamics of Large Scale Systems: Developments and Applications Integrated with Educational Efforts $600,000 Seattle WA 1 0
Grant Promoting Oral Health Among Tobacco Users: A Pilot Feasibility Study $227,003 Seattle WA 0 0
Grant Surgical Wound Repair: Role of a Neuroendothelial Axis $246,968 Seattle WA 0 0
Grant Oceanographic Instrumentation 2009 $42,613 Seattle WA 0 0
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