Awards in Seattle, Washington

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The total of cost of all the projects submitted by Seattle is $544,730,858.61

Type Description Amount City State Jobs Vote
Contract NATIONAL OCEANIC AND ATMOSPHERIC AD - Pacific Grove HVAC Mods $84,716 Seattle WA 0 0
Contract Scoping Trip and Preliminary Design Services for Rehabilitation and Expansion of Visitor at Big Hole National Battlefield $35,253 Seattle WA 0 -2
Contract Research, report and prepare contract documents to support epoxy pressure grouting of the concrete cracks for the Howard Hanson Dam. $106,060 Seattle WA 0 -1
Contract SETS, KITS, OUTFITS OF MEASURING T $184,861 Seattle WA 0 -1
Contract Ballard Locks Concrete Repair $188,167 Seattle WA 0 -1
Contract Federal Center South Master Plan Update Study. Update 2001 site planning component of the Federal Center South Redevelopment Feasibility Study… $73,622 Seattle WA 0 0
Contract interpretive panels $19,196 Seattle WA 0 0
Contract Rental Assistance Payments $51,759 Seattle WA 0 -1
Contract Idera SQL tools $27,578 Seattle WA 0 0
Contract This project is for a Six Counties Aquatic Resources Inventory..Wildlife Service will be able to use the inventory to help… $362,748 Seattle WA 0 0
Contract Provide facilitator support services to the Water Quality Panel (WQP). This service will be conducted to help theCorps meet requirements… $88,849 Seattle WA 0 0
Contract Prepare Interim Risk Reductin Plane in accordance with EC 1110-2-6064 Interim Risk Reduction Measure for Dam Safety. The plan shall… $71,413 Seattle WA 0 1
Contract Boiler Controls Installation and Testing, Installation Report, and Crew Training $91,410 Seattle WA 0 0
Contract Provide labor, equipment and materials required to perform the work at the Lake Washington Ship Canal Spalling Concrete Repairs, including… $205,900 Seattle WA 0 0
Contract Provide background investigation of previous geotechnical investigations of levees with the Skagit River Basin in support of the GI Levee… $286,480 Seattle WA 0 0
Contract Rental Assistance Payments $36,973 Seattle WA 0 0
Grant East Marginal Way Grade Separation $17,763,679 Seattle WA 0 -1
Grant CAREER: 21 cm Cosmology Observations $713,199 Seattle WA 0 -2
Grant Wave Impacts in Upper Ocean Mixing $1,499,988 Seattle WA 0 0
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