Awards in Abingdon, Virginia

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The total of cost of all the projects submitted by Abingdon is $19,250,577.00

Type Description Amount City State Jobs Vote
Contract Construction phase services including Preconstruction Meeting, Submittal Review, response to Contractor questions, RFP preparation, Project Progress Meeting, Substantial Completion inspection,… $28,493 Abingdon VA 0 1
Contract Roof Replacement Abingdon Federal Building 1. Removal of approximately 17,700 square feet of built-up roofing system on six (6) levels,… $554,056 Abingdon VA 14 0
Grant Washington County 2009 Recovery Act Assistance Program $56,061 Abingdon VA 0 0
Grant Youthbuild $748,812 Abingdon VA 0 0
Grant ARRA Capital Fund Program $58,439 Abingdon VA 1 0
Grant ARRA PM1P-095 $3,065,402 Abingdon VA 22 0
Grant Grant for purchase of Equipment $25,000 Abingdon VA 0 0
Grant Head Start and Early Head Start $253,213 Abingdon VA 3 0
Grant ARRA - Smyth I81 Resurfacing/Rumble Strips/Guardrail Upgrade $1,836,741 Abingdon VA 3 0
Grant Federal Work-Study $45,360 Abingdon VA 5 1
Grant Exit 13 Sewer $1,000,000 Abingdon VA 0 0
Loan Waterline Replacement Project $10,000,000 Abingdon VA 0 0
Loan Exit 13 Sewer $1,579,000 Abingdon VA 0 0