Awards in Hampton, Virginia

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The total of cost of all the projects submitted by Hampton is $43,486,191.03

Type Description Amount City State Jobs Vote
Contract #2145-REPAIR SIDEWALK,ADMIN $12,471 Hampton VA 1 -1
Contract #2147 JEFFERSON AVE $133,298 Hampton VA 1 -2
Grant AARA - Scholarships for Disadvantaged Students $40,239 Hampton VA 0 0
Contract Abatement of lead paint, stripping of existing coating, repainting the interior and exterior of sliding hanging doors, replace windows, etc. $1,115,100 Hampton VA 1 0
Grant American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Port Security Grant Program (ARRA PSGP) $103,000 Hampton VA 0 0
Grant ARRA Capital Fund Program $2,183,174 Hampton VA 8 0
Grant Bus Purchases, Constr Maint Fac, Renov, Equipment $24,096,312 Hampton VA 7 1
Grant Collaborative Research:Development of Testing of Presage-Predagogy-Process-Product Model to Assess the Effectiveness of case study Methodology in Achieving Learning Outcomes $116,011 Hampton VA 0 0
Contract Conducting an independent technical review of the design architects design for the Langley Medical Treatment and Outpatient Building 74 at… $1,208,592 Hampton VA 0 0
Contract Delivery/Task Order $1,043,385 Hampton VA 23 0
Contract Destratification fans $21,238 Hampton VA 1 0
Grant Edinburgh Square $217,775 Hampton VA 5 0
Grant Energy Efficiency & Conservation Block Grant Program $1,388,800 Hampton VA 0 0
Grant Expanding Diversity in the Aquatic Sciences $755,352 Hampton VA 0 -1
Grant Federal Work-Study $43,661 Hampton VA 2 0
Grant Federal Work-Study Program (FWS) $470,464 Hampton VA 0 0
Contract Floors, HVAC, Latrines at Bldg 374 Provide all labor, equipment and materials necessary to repair Floors, HVAC, Latrines in Building… $376,636 Hampton VA 1 0
Grant Hampton Police Equipment Innovation, Upgrade and Capability Enhancement Project. $428,452 Hampton VA 0 0
Contract INSTALL LEFT TURN LANSE & REPAVE LEE BLVD $417,386 Hampton VA 1 -1
Contract Lincoln Park High Rise Flooring Replacement Project $212,055 Hampton VA 7 -1
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