Awards in Arlington, Virginia

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The total of cost of all the projects submitted by Arlington is $96,116,485.47

Type Description Amount City State Jobs Vote
Contract Reporting is integral to communicating the success of FWS programs funded through the Recovery Act; transparency and accountability must guide… $65,568 Arlington VA 1 0
Contract ARRA Funding for the Triennial Review Program $75,550 Arlington VA 0 0
Contract A modification to exercise option year one and partially fund this effort with ARRA funding was issued against task order… $8,606,227 Arlington VA 19 -1
Contract IT System $427,500 Arlington VA 3 0
Contract $604,911.45 awarded 7/10/09 (M007) - Recovery Act Funding for support of order SAQMMA08L1558 (SSO); $536,047 awarded 8/10/09 (M009) - Recovery… $1,140,958 Arlington VA 4 0
Contract Information technology equipment and software $59,986 Arlington VA 0 0
Contract The objectives of this task order are as follows: a. Satisfy USAID?s needs for a robust architecture for the future;… $117,030 Arlington VA 1 0
Contract Recovery Act Funding under Order SAQMMA08L1732 for FAST-C. $194,264 Arlington VA 1 0
Contract TANDBERG 6000MXP Video Conferencing Unit with options and service $40,342 Arlington VA 0 -1
Contract Information technology equipment and software $306,365 Arlington VA 1 0
Contract Misc renovations, bldgs projects, electrical works, systems and equipment purchase and installation based on recovery act funding in SA-42 $288,186 Arlington VA 1 0
Contract USAID's objective for implementing GLAAS is to improve operational efficiencies for Acquisition and Assistance (A&A) functions by: a. Allowing domestic… $15,852,254 Arlington VA 35 0
Contract Installation of 26 new data cable drops, re-locate 6 existing data cable drops, install 1 new telefax cable drop in… $15,982 Arlington VA 1 0
Contract Archiect and Engineering Support Services for Passenger Rail Programs $99,000 Arlington VA 0 0
Contract Information technology software and equipment $1,699,902 Arlington VA 1 0
Contract Application Development Support for Community Planning and Development $1,010,972 Arlington VA 3 -1
Contract Installation of 13 new Cat 5e UTP OpenNet data cable drops in Rooms F3419 and F4218. $8,225 Arlington VA 1 0
Contract Secure meeting space for Prevailing Wage Conference. $17,111 Arlington VA 0 -11
Contract The scope of this work is to complete the GLAAS Development and Mainteance work to enable full deployment of the… $6,038,763 Arlington VA 23 -7
Contract Provide design and construction management services relative to ARRA funded projects, including Scope of Work preparation, project budgeting and scheduling,… $122,103 Arlington VA 2 -3
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