Awards in Austin, Texas

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The total of cost of all the projects submitted by Austin is $7,022,153,649.77

Type Description Amount City State Jobs Vote
Contract The objective of this project is to replace one-hundred and seventy three (173) one rack unit (1RU) servers that make… $990,069 Austin TX 5 -26
Contract Fixed price contract to deliver 11,028 personal computers and monitors with desktop imaging and system distribution to Job Corps locations. $7,783,648 Austin TX 0 -51
Contract This is a 237,000 SF US Courthouse. We have had a very successful preconstruction phase of work and see no… $102,554,074 Austin TX 3 -6
Contract The work to be performed is preparation of an environmental assessment (EA) for the proposed expansion of placement areas (PA)… $95,543 Austin TX 0 1
Contract Application development and integration service for a new Recovery Tracking System (RTS). $468,721 Austin TX 3 0
Contract Provide Construction Management as Agent (CMa)services for the new US Courthouse to be constructed in Austin, TX $2,982,135 Austin TX 1 -2
Contract The project site is a Beneficial Use dredged material placement area located in lower Galveston Bay, east of the Houston… $191,785 Austin TX 4 1
Contract Housing: Green Retrofit Program under Notice H-09-02. Provides Green Retrofit funds to multi-family housing throughout HUD's programs $3,916,000 Austin TX 10 -1
Grant ARRA Capital Fund Program $3,912,362 Austin TX 0 -3
Grant HEAD START ARRA EXPANSION $290,700 Austin TX 0 0
Grant Collaborative Research: Decision-Dependent Stochastic Processes Inference and Optimization $311,473 Austin TX 0 -4
Grant HEAD START/EARLY HEAD START $1,006,926 Austin TX 4 -2
Grant Community Services Block Grant/ARRA $48,148,071 Austin TX 34 -3
Grant Collaborative Research: Exploration of Graphene-Nanocrystal Metamaterials $228,672 Austin TX 1 1
Grant Black Holes vs. Dark Matter $555,076 Austin TX 1 -1
Grant Quantum Simulation of Chemical Dynamics in Condensed Phases $470,000 Austin TX 1 1
Grant CSR: Small: Scalable Applications Start with Scalable Virtual Machine Services $499,996 Austin TX 1 -2
Grant MRI: Development of a Spin-Polarized Scanning Tunneling Microscope for Nanomagnetism Studies $483,000 Austin TX 0 -2
Grant Collaborative Research: Data Integration Services for Biodiversity Informatics $198,297 Austin TX 0 2
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