Awards in Houston, Texas

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The total of cost of all the projects submitted by Houston is $546,322,245.77

Type Description Amount City State Jobs Vote
Contract Replace the carpet and cove base in various rooms of Building 2 South as a result from physical damage sustained… $82,579 Houston TX 1 0
Contract Replace Motor Control Centers and Elevator Electrical Panels $607,910 Houston TX 2 0
Contract Perimeter boundary retracement survey of Belton Lake and Whitney Lake. Retrace and remonument, as necessary, portions of the lake boundary… $838,034 Houston TX 0 0
Grant Federal Work-Study $77,846 Houston TX 0 -1
Grant ARRA COLA and QI funds for Head Start/Early Head Start program. $1,048,411 Houston TX 0 0
Grant Head Start ARRA Expansion $881,002 Houston TX 0 0
Grant Head Start ARRA Expansion $1,580,950 Houston TX 0 0
Grant Head Start COLA and Quality Improvement $632,544 Houston TX 0 0
Grant MARGINS: Collaborative Research: Melting of Carbonate-bearing Sediments in Subduction Zones $266,942 Houston TX 0 -1
Grant Reconstructing 700 Million Years of the Evolution of Genome Organization: Tools and Community Resources $933,526 Houston TX 0 -1
Grant CAREER: Spin Fluctuation in Itinerant Electron Magnetic Systems $550,000 Houston TX 0 -1
Grant REU: Research Experience in Algorithm Design and Analysis for Students in Undergraduate Institutions $308,288 Houston TX 1 0
Grant Label-Free Protein Arrays Based on Linear Dendron Macromolecular Layers and In-Situ Real Time EC-SPR-AFM Methods $300,000 Houston TX 0 1
Grant NeTS: Medium: Collaborative Research: Cooperative Beamforming for Efficient and Secure Wireless Communication $149,999 Houston TX 0 -1
Grant Head Start and Early Head Start $1,039,580 Houston TX 0 -1
Grant History of, and Mechanisms Leading to, Post-LGM Retreat of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet $426,939 Houston TX 0 -1
Grant Melting of Carbonated MORB-like Eclogite and Genesis of Ocean Island Basalts $293,267 Houston TX 0 -1
Grant Collaborative Research: The Threat and Imposition of Economic Sanctions $297,234 Houston TX 1 0
Grant Collaborative Research: Examining the Evolution of the Colorado Plateau and Its Relation to the Surrounding Tectonic Provinces Using USArray Data $144,465 Houston TX 1 -1
Grant MRI: Development of Reconfigurable DWDM Multi-Mode Switching Platform for Supporting Telesurgery Telemedicine and Heterogeneous Applications $587,570 Houston TX 0 0
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