Awards in Cookeville, Tennessee

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The total of cost of all the projects submitted by Cookeville is $5,325,696.00

Type Description Amount City State Jobs Vote
Contract Recovery Upgrade Steam Plant A, Arnold AFB, TN $785,500 Cookeville TN 4 -1
Contract Replace Visitor Center Roof, Pea Ridge, AR $70,500 Cookeville TN 0 0
Contract Reroof Projects, PA & WV $271,000 Cookeville TN 0 0
Contract Shotcrete Replacement, Laurel Dam, KY $409,928 Cookeville TN 0 0
Contract Update Sewage Lagoons at G-1 & K-1 Malmstrom AFB, MT $405,057 Cookeville TN 0 0
Grant HEAD START $654,446 Cookeville TN 0 -2
Grant FY 2009 Recovery Act JAG Program $47,065 Cookeville TN 0 -1
Grant Algebraic hierarchical matrix preconditioners for two- and three-dimensional saddle point problems $137,149 Cookeville TN 1 0
Grant H47C2400135012 - Highway Infrastructure Investment $868,846 Cookeville TN 0 -1
Grant Head Start $19,798 Cookeville TN 0 -1
Grant Capital Fund Recovery Grant $1,185,354 Cookeville TN 7 0
Grant Federal Work-Study $71,053 Cookeville TN 0 0
Grant CAREER: Wind Power - Multilevel Control, Intelligent Grid Integration and Real Time Digital Simulation $400,000 Cookeville TN 0 -3