Awards in Nashville, Tennessee

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The total of cost of all the projects submitted by Nashville is $1,894,912,841.21

Type Description Amount City State Jobs Vote
Contract Contractor is to provide construction services for Toe Drain Expansion at Old Hickory Dam, Nashville, Tennessee in accordance with attached… $355,810 Nashville TN 0 0
Contract To purchase a Photosynthesis/respiration equipment system which is very important to our ecological and environmental research program at TSU. This… $66,779 Nashville TN 0 -1
Contract Replace the Cordell Hull Natural Resource Manager's Office and Display Area Facility that was destroyed by fire in 2008. $2,589,258 Nashville TN 0 -2
Contract Painting: Old Hickory Dam Spillway Gates and Bulkheads Painting: J. Percy Priest Dam Spillway Gates $2,563,700 Nashville TN 0 -7
Contract Tow Haulage Unit Pickwick Main Lock $404,730 Nashville TN 10 -1
Contract Bushing stock for TN river system $1,480,687 Nashville TN 10 -1
Contract Rental assistance payments $535,522 Nashville TN 4 -4
Contract hydraulic Seals for Gates and Valves $248,040 Nashville TN 8 0
Contract This project consists of providing ice making and storage capacity for various buildings at Dover Air Force Base, DE. Ice… $3,327,042 Nashville TN 0 0
Contract The contractor will provide support to the National and Regional Offices of Job Corps and its 'ARRA/green' Outreach initiative in… $495,000 Nashville TN 0 -19
Contract Merit Review Services $16,458 Nashville TN 0 -3
Contract Culvert Valve Bulkheads $312,200 Nashville TN 5 -1
Contract Replace existing High Pressure CO2 systems with Low Pressure CO2 systems at 8 Dams located in TN and KY. $2,287,379 Nashville TN 0 -2
Contract Rehabilitation of J. Percy Preist Powerhouse Overhead Crane in accordance with previously furnished drawings and specifications. $1,555,999 Nashville TN 0 -2
Contract The contractor will provide support to the National Office of Job Corps and its Green Outreach initiative, which is focused… $1,480,000 Nashville TN 0 -7
Grant Transition States in G-Protein Coupled Receptor Signaling $221,170 Nashville TN 0 0
Grant Control of Prostate-Specific Gene Expression $21,086 Nashville TN 0 0
Grant JAGARRA $30,827,729 Nashville TN 135 0
Grant Gene-Environment Interactions Between Maganese Exposure and Huntington Disease $101,600 Nashville TN 0 0
Grant Develop Hybrid Optical-Magneto Nanoprobes for Tracking Dendritic Cells $363,393 Nashville TN 5 0
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