Awards in Nashville, Tennessee

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The total of cost of all the projects submitted by Nashville is $1,894,912,841.21

Type Description Amount City State Jobs Vote
Grant Recovery-Tennessee-Formula $600,690 Nashville TN 9 0
Grant Tennessee Domestic and Sexual Violence Coalition Economic Recovery Project $156,250 Nashville TN 2 0
Grant Caveolin-1 and negative modulation of HIV-1 replication $34,313 Nashville TN 0 0
Grant Human in Mouse Modeling of HNSCC to Predict Response to Therapy $397,820 Nashville TN 0 0
Grant Polymorphism and Mutation Spectrum in Minorities with Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer $500,000 Nashville TN 0 0
Grant Gene Networks in Neural Crest-derived Innervation of the Lower Urinary Tract $368,581 Nashville TN 0 0
Grant Proteome and Transcriptome Markers of Hypertension in Urine and Plasma Exosomes $457,820 Nashville TN 0 0
Grant Crime Victim Compensation $1,472,799 Nashville TN 0 -1
Grant Sub-Voxel Tissue Characterization with In-Vivo MRI $490,726 Nashville TN 6 -1
Grant Genetic Epidemicology of Multiple Sclerosis $1,214,223 Nashville TN 0 0
Grant Clean Water State Revolving Fund $56,930,400 Nashville TN 0 -1
Grant The Role of EphA2 Receptor Signaling in Host-Tumor Interactions $100,000 Nashville TN 0 0
Grant TRAIL Mediated Apoptosis in Renal Cell Carcinoma $54,000 Nashville TN 0 0
Grant Leaking Underground Storage Tank Trust Fund Program $4,681,000 Nashville TN 0 -4
Grant Cancer Center Support Grant $46,532 Nashville TN 0 0
Grant The Role of Claustrium in Stubstance Abuse and Cognition $49,580 Nashville TN 0 0
Grant Fibrotic Sequelae of Childhood Renal Disease $293,694 Nashville TN 0 0
Grant Cryo-EM Structural Studies of Adenovirus Cell Entry $387,500 Nashville TN 1 0
Grant Role of EGFR Ligands in Neoplasia $332,016 Nashville TN 0 0
Grant P63 Signaling and Cellular Response After Stress $269,700 Nashville TN 0 0
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