Awards in Charleston, South Carolina

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The total of cost of all the projects submitted by Charleston is $66,387,396.81

Type Description Amount City State Jobs Vote
Contract Automatic identification system for ship traffic. The system will be utilized by vessel operators to monitor vessel movements within the… $30,477 Charleston SC 0 1
Contract This project is for dredging of maintenance material in Charleston Harbor, Lower Reaches and the Wando River. Dredged material will… $4,804,450 Charleston SC 21 1
Contract The contractor will provide program management services to support the SPAWAR DHS Access Control System Market Survey Program $46,480 Charleston SC 8 0
Grant Isolation and Characterization of Prostrate Antigen Specific High Affinity TCR $162,250 Charleston SC 1 0
Grant In Vivo Induction of Candida Albicans Morphogenesis $220,198 Charleston SC 0 -1
Grant Generation and Function of Variable Prenyl Protein Processing $273,992 Charleston SC 1 0
Grant Evaluating Antimicrobial Compounds from Coral-Associated Pseudovibrio Bacteria $38,821 Charleston SC 0 0
Grant TCR Affinity and Therapeutic Efficacy of T Cells $299,698 Charleston SC 0 0
Grant Pesticides, Paraoxonase and Alzheimer's Disease $405,265 Charleston SC 0 0
Grant Negative Regulation of Innate Immune Responses through MAPK Phosphatases $99,675 Charleston SC 0 0
Grant Cost-Effectiveness of HIV-Related Mental Health Interventions $298,708 Charleston SC 0 0
Grant Automatic Literature-Based Protein Annotation $39,294 Charleston SC 0 0
Grant Cone Opsin-Ligand Interactions and Photoreceptor Health $368,750 Charleston SC 1 -3
Grant National Clean Diesel Funding Assistance Program (B) $1,999,900 Charleston SC 0 0
Grant Gene Expression Profiling in a Mouse Model of Ethanol Dependence and Drinking $497,615 Charleston SC 0 0
Grant Endothelin Receptors and Progression to Heart Failure $366,378 Charleston SC 1 0
Grant Ethanol Sensitivity of Native and Cloned NMDA Receptors $94,031 Charleston SC 1 -2
Grant Energy Efficiency & Conservation Block Grant Program $1,138,700 Charleston SC 0 0
Grant Cancer Therapy-Induced Long-Term Bone Marrow Injury (ARRA Funds for Administrative Supplement) $243,627 Charleston SC 0 0
Grant North Charleston Energy Efficiency $978,500 Charleston SC 5 -1
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