Awards in Athens, Ohio

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The total of cost of all the projects submitted by Athens is $5,712,918.00

Type Description Amount City State Jobs Vote
Grant Heart of the Valley Head Start $156,821 Athens OH 0 0
Grant TLR Signal Inhibition: A Novel Therapeutic Paradigm $1,132,993 Athens OH 0 -1
Grant Using Perturbation to Characterize, and Build Models of Individual Neurons $434,085 Athens OH 0 0
Grant SHF: Small: Collaborative Research: Design of Power and Area Efficient, Fault-tolerant Network-on-Chip Circuits and Architectures $134,437 Athens OH 0 0
Grant The Biogeograpic Impact of the Late Ordovician Richmondian Invasion: Assesing Faunal Dynamics by Combining Niche Modeling and Evolutionary History of Cincinnatian Brachiopods $152,000 Athens OH 0 1
Grant Phase-Change Memory Material in Periodic Mesoporous Silica: Structure and Phase-Transition Behavior under One-Dimensional Confinement $357,373 Athens OH 0 0
Grant LiT: Collaborative Research: What lies beneath: P limitation and soil microbial community composition in hardwood forests $200,914 Athens OH 0 0
Grant Early Career: Acquisition of Paleobiological Specimen Preparation and Imaging Facility $180,000 Athens OH 0 0
Grant MRI: Acquisition of Instrumentation for Comparative Experimental Biomechanics Research $401,083 Athens OH 0 0
Grant The Appalachian Ohio Herbarium Database Network: Infrastructural Enhancements, Resource Building and Database Completion $494,019 Athens OH 0 0
Grant ARRA Capital Fund Program $157,969 Athens OH 0 0
Grant Mechanisms of Signaling in Otoconial Organs $311,390 Athens OH 0 0
Grant Understanding plant cell wall structure $261,206 Athens OH 0 0
Grant Modeling the Underlying Dynamic Processes in Motivation and Decision Making: A Parsimonious Self-Regulatory Approach $408,060 Athens OH 1 0
Grant The Study of Ion/Ion Reactions at Atmospheric Pressure by Ambient Neutral Re-ionization Mass Spectrometry and Ambient Soft Landing $314,275 Athens OH 1 0
Grant 2009 JAG Computer and Equipment Acquisition $22,006 Athens OH 1 0
Grant Athens Gardens $347,620 Athens OH 2 0
Grant Federal Work Study $246,667 Athens OH 16 0