Awards in Cincinnati, Ohio

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The total of cost of all the projects submitted by Cincinnati is $177,233,989.31

Type Description Amount City State Jobs Vote
Contract 25 HP laptops $30,550 Cincinnati OH 4 -34
Contract Qty 17 HP scanners with 3 year warranty and multiple shipping locations $22,644 Cincinnati OH 4 -3
Contract This is a Time-and-Materials order in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth in the Basic Contract DE-EM0000156. This… $139,402 Cincinnati OH 1 -2
Contract RECOVERY - AMPI: In-Line Tow Coating for Silicon Carbide (SiC) Fibers Ceramic Matrix Composites (CMCs) will replace metal coated components… $1,520,000 Cincinnati OH 1 1
Contract Displays $91,751 Cincinnati OH 0 -1
Contract masonry restoration of building #1 and #15 exterior façade $1,053,209 Cincinnati OH 6 2
Contract The overall purpose of the contract is the demonstrations of multi-design point adaptive turbine engines that automatically adjust fan and… $2,642,448 Cincinnati OH 26 -1
Contract RECOVERY - AMPI: 3D Inspection System Phase II Develop and demonstrate technologies that will enable the airfoil manufacturing process to… $1,520,000 Cincinnati OH 1 2
Contract Conduct analytical and experimental studies of selected combustor design concepts, both existing and novel, to assess their capability to delivering… $935,000 Cincinnati OH 0 0
Contract This report is composed of two modifications. The first modification incorporates additional design phase services for the first floor window… $228,854 Cincinnati OH 3 0
Contract 16 Dell laptops $34,626 Cincinnati OH 8 -5
Contract HP computer equipment including 1 tablet, 9 desktops, 4 color laser printers, 9 all-in-one printers, 4 22' Hyundai monitors, 25… $57,215 Cincinnati OH 4 -1
Contract Digital Television Mobile and Walk In Clinics $562,500 Cincinnati OH 50 3
Contract Biological Services, Freshwater Mussel Surveys $253,560 Cincinnati OH 3 3
Contract Aspalt Resurfacing, Ceasar Creek Lake, OH $45,601 Cincinnati OH 0 0
Contract 23,000 Liquid Credit transactions/transmissions extending contract through 3/24/2010 $245,391 Cincinnati OH 3 -2
Contract Riverbed substrate characterization and environmental baseline data gathering in the Upper Ohio River. $198,282 Cincinnati OH 1 1
Contract Perform risk assessment audits of the implementation of the Federal Additional Compensation (FAC) program in 10 states. $261,541 Cincinnati OH 10 0
Contract The purpose of the contract is to obligate $9,885,000.00 for the Madison County Superfund Site. The period of performance for… $9,885,000 Cincinnati OH 0 2
Contract The current overall purpose of the award is to upgrade and modernize the John W. Peck Federal building's existing HVAC… $20,074,192 Cincinnati OH 0 -1
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