Awards in Columbus, Ohio

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The total of cost of all the projects submitted by Columbus is $3,339,725,530.03

Type Description Amount City State Jobs Vote
Grant Community Service Block Grant $38,976,102 Columbus OH 412 -1
Grant Port Columbus International Airport In-Line Checked Baggage Inspection System $35,206,636 Columbus OH 0 -1
Grant Federal Work-Study $861,874 Columbus OH 0 -1
Grant State Energy Program $96,083,000 Columbus OH 1 -1
Grant Special Education - Preschool Grants, Recovery Act $13,359,358 Columbus OH 110 -1
Contract Contractor is tasked to support the Loan Guarantee Program Office of the Department of Energy in its management of the… $4,330,228 Columbus OH 3 -1
Grant (ARRA) Myosin isoforms in urinary bladder function $224,999 Columbus OH 0 -1
Contract Part one includes the miter gate three-dimensional Finite Element analysis and design of all structural features required to transport, rotate… $292,596 Columbus OH 1 -1
Grant ARRA National Clean Diesel Grant Program $5,000,000 Columbus OH 0 -1
Grant Drinking Water State Revolving Fund $58,460,000 Columbus OH 76 -1
Grant Recovery Ohio Formula $1,229,097 Columbus OH 40 -1
Contract The first portion of the project was to assess the building with the aid of a previous recommissioning study and… $68,558 Columbus OH 1 -1
Contract The main goal of the Ohio SEARCH Program is to improve access to care for underserved populations by developing culturally… $182,181 Columbus OH 0 -1
Grant (ARRA) CPS: Medium: Autonomous driving in mixed-traffic urban environments $1,499,883 Columbus OH 1 0
Grant OH-19 Automotive NEG $5,074,749 Columbus OH 0 0
Grant Aging Home-Delivered Nutrition Services (2009 T3C2_ARRA) $1,232,050 Columbus OH 4 0
Grant ARRA- Increase Services to Health Centers $101,000 Columbus OH 2 0
Grant (ARRA) Spatial patterns of social isolation, youthful marijuana use, and sexual/HIV risk $348,334 Columbus OH 0 0
Grant Title II, Part D - Enhancing Education Through Technology $23,863,457 Columbus OH 21 0
Grant (ARRA) The role of DNA repair in retroviral infection $187,500 Columbus OH 2 0
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