Awards in Columbus, Ohio

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The total of cost of all the projects submitted by Columbus is $3,339,725,530.03

Type Description Amount City State Jobs Vote
Grant Arts and the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act of 2009 $50,000 Columbus OH 0 0
Grant ARRA State Clean Diesel - Ohio Environmental Protection Agency $1,730,000 Columbus OH 0 0
Grant (ARRA) Science learning and scientific reasoning $461,133 Columbus OH 0 0
Grant ARRA National Clean Diesel Grant Program $5,000,000 Columbus OH 0 -1
Grant Recovery Act Justice Assistance Program $4,588,911 Columbus OH 42 0
Grant (ARRA) Databasing of the Ohio flora at The Ohio State University $336,448 Columbus OH 0 0
Grant Project Mentor $500,000 Columbus OH 1 0
Grant HEAD START $461,778 Columbus OH 1 0
Grant Drinking Water State Revolving Fund $58,460,000 Columbus OH 76 -1
Grant (ARRA) CAREER: Chemical tools to probe histone H4 modifications in the nucleosome core $776,283 Columbus OH 1 0
Grant (ARRA) CellTrap: A novel solid phase platform for analysis of stem/progenitor cells $676,657 Columbus OH 0 0
Grant (ARRA) Acquisition of a High-Energy, Narrow Linewidth Laser for Gas-Phase Scalar Mixing Studies in Turbulent Spray Flows $84,021 Columbus OH 0 0
Grant (ARRA) WHI Sequencing Project (WHISP) $2,113,954 Columbus OH 0 0
Grant (ARRA) Collaborative research: Greenland ice sheet snow accumulation variability: Filling knowledge and data voids $283,966 Columbus OH 0 0
Grant Mechanisms of Glucocorticoid Action in Podocytes $99,389 Columbus OH 0 0
Grant (ARRA) Carbon flow through the etylmalonyl-CoA pathway $497,705 Columbus OH 1 0
Grant (ARRA) Combinatorial biophysics: Understanding protein stability with library approaches $203,841 Columbus OH 0 0
Grant (ARRA) Collaborative Research: Redox processes in the sedimentary porewaters of prairie pothole lakes: Implications for the attenuation of pesticides $77,814 Columbus OH 0 1
Grant (ARRA) CTSA -- Summer research experience supplement $271,743 Columbus OH 5 0
Grant (ARRA) Collaborative research: estimating species trees with population genetic approaches: working towards a new phylogenetic paradigm for 21st century phylogenetics $188,375 Columbus OH 0 0
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