Awards in Columbus, Ohio

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The total of cost of all the projects submitted by Columbus is $3,339,725,530.03

Type Description Amount City State Jobs Vote
Grant (ARRA) Biomechanical regulation of cellular signaling and organization $424,999 Columbus OH 0 0
Grant (ARRA) Liquid membranes in nanopores with strip dispersion for antibiotic recovery $205,558 Columbus OH 0 0
Grant (ARRA) NeTS-Medium: Collaborative research: Unifying network coding and cross-layer optimization for wireless mesh networks: From theory to distributed algorithms to implementation $350,000 Columbus OH 0 0
Grant (ARRA) Design, synthesis, and photochemistry of new Ru(II) complexes as potential photo-cisplatin analogs $690,000 Columbus OH 0 0
Grant (ARRA) Geosciences awareness programs-bringing the pathway-track 1 $197,194 Columbus OH 0 0
Grant ARRA: NSF Workshop: The future of intelligent transportation systems and its implication with regard to mobility and sustainability $49,965 Columbus OH 0 0
Grant Arts and the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 $353,400 Columbus OH 2 -2
Grant CCDF Discretionary $68,140,840 Columbus OH 0 -4
Grant (ARRA) Collaborative research:RI: Medium: Explicit articulatory models of spoken language, with application to automatic speech recognition $334,469 Columbus OH 1 0
Grant ARRA: NeTS: Small: Connected coverage of wireless sensor networks in theoretical and practical settings $400,000 Columbus OH 1 0
Grant (ARRA) Collaborative research: Using single-molecule force and fluorescence microscopy to elucidate the molecular mechanism of bioinspired magnetite synthesis in magnetotactic bacteria $258,045 Columbus OH 0 0
Grant ARRA: Topology-aware MPI collectives and scheduling for petascale systems with infiniband $920,000 Columbus OH 0 0
Grant Recovery Act of 2009: Wildland Fire Management $4,419,000 Columbus OH 1 2
Grant Recovery Ohio Formula $1,229,097 Columbus OH 40 -1
Grant (ARRA) Analysis of epidermal growth factor receptor signaling in Drosphila $450,000 Columbus OH 0 0
Grant ARRA Congregate Nutrition Services (2009 T3C1_ARRA) $2,502,601 Columbus OH 16 0
Grant (ARRA) MRI: Development of a High Energy, High-Repetition-Rate Laser Diagnostic System for Time-Resolved Investigations of Turbulent Combustion Processes $299,658 Columbus OH 0 0
Grant (ARRA) Collaborative Research: Experimental studies on group decision making in strategic environments $330,609 Columbus OH 1 0
Grant (ARRA) Collaborative research: An environment for high-productivity high-performance computing using GPUs/accelerators $468,492 Columbus OH 0 0
Grant Recovery Ohio Competitive $450,513 Columbus OH 14 0
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