Awards in Columbus, Ohio

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The total of cost of all the projects submitted by Columbus is $3,339,725,530.03

Type Description Amount City State Jobs Vote
Grant Education of Homeless Children and Youth, Recovery Act $1,913,813 Columbus OH 9 -2
Contract Intensive (Locational) Archeological Surveys of Charles River Storage Areas, MA; East Brimfield Lake, MA; West Hill Dam, MA; Westville Lake… $1,919,595 Columbus OH 52 1
Grant US Rail/City of Jackson Ln Rehab $2,000,000 Columbus OH 0 0
Grant OVC Comp $2,000,627 Columbus OH 0 0
Grant (ARRA) Loss of miR-29s as a predictor of response to demethylating agents $2,031,555 Columbus OH 0 0
Grant (ARRA) WHI Sequencing Project (WHISP) $2,113,954 Columbus OH 0 0
Grant 604b ARRA-Water Quality Management Planning Grant (604B) $2,228,800 Columbus OH 4 1
Grant FRA County ARRA Resurfacing $2,298,857 Columbus OH 16 0
Grant ARRA Congregate Nutrition Services (2009 T3C1_ARRA) $2,502,601 Columbus OH 16 0
Grant Homeless Prevention and Rapid Rehousing Program $2,642,649 Columbus OH 0 0
Grant State Child Nutrition Programs, Recovery Act $2,957,271 Columbus OH 3 1
Grant Byrne ARRA Competitive $3,165,011 Columbus OH 0 0
Grant STA US 0030 21.55 $3,350,160 Columbus OH 0 0
Grant (ARRA) Genome-wide association study to identify genetic components of knee OA: The OAI $3,585,288 Columbus OH 0 1
Contract Contractor is tasked to support the Loan Guarantee Program Office of the Department of Energy in its management of the… $4,330,228 Columbus OH 3 -1
Grant Recovery Act of 2009: Wildland Fire Management $4,419,000 Columbus OH 1 2
Grant Recovery Act Justice Assistance Program $4,588,911 Columbus OH 42 0
Grant STOP (Services, Training, Officers, Prosecutors) Violence Against Women Formula Grant Program $4,604,597 Columbus OH 0 0
Grant HAM Waldvogel RR Relocation $4,984,600 Columbus OH 0 0
Grant ARRA National Clean Diesel Grant Program $5,000,000 Columbus OH 0 -1
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