Awards in Columbus, Ohio

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The total of cost of all the projects submitted by Columbus is $3,339,725,530.03

Type Description Amount City State Jobs Vote
Grant (ARRA) Enhancing colorectal cancer screening in primary care $54,840 Columbus OH 2 0
Contract Digital Television (DTV) Basic In?Home Assistance - 326 installations of digital television receivers/converter boxes to allow individuals without digital televisions… $55,000 Columbus OH 3 -5
Grant (ARRA) Acquisition of a liquid water isotope analyzer for hydrological, glaciological and geochemical research $57,800 Columbus OH 0 2
Grant Lansing Limited $59,875 Columbus OH 4 0
Grant CTGF in pancreatic stellate cell-mediated fibrogenesis $61,920 Columbus OH 2 0
Grant (ARRA) Fatty acid supplementation in management of type 2 diabetes (summer research experience for students administrative supplement) $63,432 Columbus OH 1 0
Grant ARRA - Scholarships for Disadvantaged Students $64,482 Columbus OH 0 0
Grant CUY Cleveland Commercial RR $67,000 Columbus OH 0 0
Contract The first portion of the project was to assess the building with the aid of a previous recommissioning study and… $68,558 Columbus OH 1 -1
Grant (ARRA) Youth debt: Credit as investment or overconsumption $71,167 Columbus OH 1 0
Grant (ARRA) Chemistry/biology interface training grant $71,602 Columbus OH 0 0
Grant (ARRA) Toxic metals and ion channels in cigarette-smoke induced COPD $75,000 Columbus OH 1 0
Grant (ARRA) Collaborative Research: Redox processes in the sedimentary porewaters of prairie pothole lakes: Implications for the attenuation of pesticides $77,814 Columbus OH 0 1
Grant State Economic Empowerment Project $78,125 Columbus OH 1 0
Grant Federal Work-Study $78,589 Columbus OH 3 0
Grant CSBG T & TA Program: Capacity-Building for Ongoing CSBG Programs Supported by ARRA of 2009 $80,000 Columbus OH 0 0
Grant (ARRA) Acquisition of a High-Energy, Narrow Linewidth Laser for Gas-Phase Scalar Mixing Studies in Turbulent Spray Flows $84,021 Columbus OH 0 0
Grant TGF-beta Regulation of Intestinal Epithelial Cells $84,159 Columbus OH 1 0
Grant (ARRA) Purinergic regulation of enteric neural reflexes $86,440 Columbus OH 0 0
Grant (ARRA) L-Pyrrolysine chemical and structural biology $94,971 Columbus OH 0 0
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