Awards in Lancaster, Ohio

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The total of cost of all the projects submitted by Lancaster is $2,559,791.00

Type Description Amount City State Jobs Vote
Grant Hunterwood Park, Ltd $363,200 Lancaster OH 4 -1
Grant ARRA - Capital Improvement Program $250,000 Lancaster OH 0 0
Grant Replacement of boilers and generators in City Hall Building $163,000 Lancaster OH 0 0
Grant ARRA - Health Center Cluster $17,000 Lancaster OH 0 0
Grant Nolder Barr Infrastructure Project $150,480 Lancaster OH 2 0
Grant ARRA - Increase Services to Health Centers $101,000 Lancaster OH 0 0
Grant Recovery Act Health Center Cluster Program $1,162,316 Lancaster OH 12 0
Grant ARRA Capital Fund Program $229,598 Lancaster OH 0 0
Grant Head Start and Early Head Start $123,197 Lancaster OH 2 0