Awards in Santa Fe, New Mexico

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The total of cost of all the projects submitted by Santa Fe is $583,128,372.00

Type Description Amount City State Jobs Vote
Contract OVW Recovery Act - Grants to Indian Tribal Governments Program $438,880 Santa Fe NM 0 0
Contract capital fund $792,674 Santa Fe NM 0 0
Contract Install Solar Carport $207,998 Santa Fe NM 1 -1
Contract For the purchase of replacement buses, mobile security equipment and passenger shelters. Activities will invest in public transportation. $1,370,372 Santa Fe NM 0 0
Contract A key factor of international efforts to identify and suppress the supply of and demand for nuclear materials, and thereby… $300,000 Santa Fe NM 1 0
Contract To restore salaried position in Education and outreach, to restore funds for community artist and to restore honoraria for visiting… $50,000 Santa Fe NM 3 -1
Contract The purpose of the AGEE program is to test the propeties of the Polywell plasma confinement device. We expect to… $7,855,504 Santa Fe NM 5 2
Contract Detection and identification of chemical compounds is important for industrial applications, atmospheric monitoring, homeland security and hazardous waste identification and… $300,000 Santa Fe NM 1 0
Contract Southwest Sciences? SBIR project will lead to development of residential fire sensing systems based on recently developed, low cost temperature… $300,000 Santa Fe NM 0 0
Contract Conserve Union Soldiers Monument at the Knoxville National Cemetery, TN $144,444 Santa Fe NM 8 1
Contract Retriever Technology, LP, operated 2 mobile centers and 4 walk in centers to assist consumers with the DTV transition that… $161,166 Santa Fe NM 11 0
Contract Design and Install Tracking Solar Array Farm $749,100 Santa Fe NM 0 1
Grant Head Start and Early Head Start $705,684 Santa Fe NM 7 0
Grant Stimulus Rehab Project $275,371 Santa Fe NM 0 0
Grant Down Payment Assistance - Buffalo Range Subdivision $286,514 Santa Fe NM 0 0
Grant IHBG / 08SH3504600 $87,368 Santa Fe NM 0 0
Grant CSBG block grant $5,695,092 Santa Fe NM 21 0
Grant Infrastructure Buffalo Range Subdivision $2,000,000 Santa Fe NM 0 0
Grant IIIC-2 block grant $198,426 Santa Fe NM 0 0
Grant STTR Phase 1: The Development of Quantum Dot Materials for Ultrafast Laser Applications $150,000 Santa Fe NM 1 0
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