Awards in Albuquerque, New Mexico

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The total of cost of all the projects submitted by Albuquerque is $201,682,182.84

Type Description Amount City State Jobs Vote
Grant VILLA ESPERANZA $152,775 Albuquerque NM 4 0
Grant Senior Community Service Employment Program $1,225,755 Albuquerque NM 4 0
Grant Recovery Act Local Youth Mentoring Iniiative $499,998 Albuquerque NM 4 0
Grant Sandia Vista $237,573 Albuquerque NM 4 0
Contract Cisco Routers and Memory Upgrade $1,221,664 Albuquerque NM 5 -1
Grant LA RESOLANA APARTMENTS $832,678 Albuquerque NM 7 0
Grant Reconstruction of Runway 4-22 and Taxiway B at Double Eagle II Airport, Albuquerque, New Mexico $2,848,802 Albuquerque NM 8 -1
Contract Installation of Aggregate Surface Course $78,656 Albuquerque NM 9 0
Contract The contractor shall provide all personnel and supervision necessary to perform acquisition, contract management and project management support services. Services… $1,295,655 Albuquerque NM 9 0
Contract Advanced Manufacturing Techniques for Large Area Solid Oxide Fuel Cells and Energy Applications $622,896 Albuquerque NM 10 -1
Contract IOAT ARRA The health information solution for the IHS is the Resource and Patient Management System (RPMS). RPMS is an… $484,439 Albuquerque NM 10 0
Grant VOCA Victim Assistance $631,000 Albuquerque NM 11 0
Contract Provide personnel to assist the Bureau of Indian Affairs Facilities Management function at the offices indicated by BIA. Our personnel… $329,886 Albuquerque NM 12 0
Grant ARRA - Increase Services To Health Centers $703,639 Albuquerque NM 13 0
Grant Recovery New Mexico Formula Prime $212,547 Albuquerque NM 15 0
Grant Federal Work Study $98,103 Albuquerque NM 16 0
Grant AmeriCorps Recovery Competitive - Recovery New Mexico Competitive Prime $300,590 Albuquerque NM 17 0
Grant Replace Heating and Air Handleing Systems, Water Heaters, Flat Roofing Systems and Unit Water Turn Off Valves in Public Housing units. $1,802,128 Albuquerque NM 17 0
Grant I-40 West Central Interchange $28,200,000 Albuquerque NM 18 0
Contract Section 110 cultural resources investigations (survey) of John Martin Dam and Reservoir, Bent County, Colorado, for the U.S. Army Corps… $498,950 Albuquerque NM 25 0
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