Awards in Charlotte, North Carolina

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The total of cost of all the projects submitted by Charlotte is $71,267,499.00

Type Description Amount City State Jobs Vote
Grant Etiology of Translocations in Hematopoietic Cells $253,473 Charlotte NC 2 0
Contract Evaluation panel member tasked with reviewing applications received in response to a solicitation for grant applications (SGA). $1,800 Charlotte NC 0 -2
Grant Federal Work Study $97,204 Charlotte NC 9 -1
Grant Federal Work Study $87,321 Charlotte NC 2 0
Grant Federal Work Study $41,828 Charlotte NC 1 0
Grant Federal Work-Study $73,462 Charlotte NC 16 0
Grant Fertility and Oral Contraceptive Use Study (FOCUS) $216,000 Charlotte NC 2 -3
Grant Headstart 2009 ARRA COLA Quality Improvement Funding. $428,847 Charlotte NC 2 -1
Grant Homeless Prevention & Rapid Re-Housing $1,930,217 Charlotte NC 0 0
Grant Lead Based Paint Program $2,999,903 Charlotte NC 5 -1
Grant LiT: Interactive effects of multiple environmental stressors on mitochondrial metabolism and bioenergetics in a model marine ectotherm, Crassostrea virginica $250,000 Charlotte NC 0 -1
Grant Mecklenburg County's Increased Access to transitional Housing andSupports for Victims of Domestic Violence through the Recovery Act $500,000 Charlotte NC 0 0
Grant National Clean Diesel Funding Assistance Program $1,116,600 Charlotte NC 2 1
Grant NeTS: Small: Collaborative Research: An Integrated Environment-Independent Approach to Topology Control in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks $149,991 Charlotte NC 0 0
Grant Novel intracellular pattern recognition receptor expression by resident CNS cells $65,400 Charlotte NC 0 0
Grant PARKER HEIGHTS APARTMENTS $443,651 Charlotte NC 3 -3
Contract Project Based Section 8 $122,445 Charlotte NC 2 -3
Grant Project on TRAC: Improving Asthma Control in Children $6,028 Charlotte NC 1 0
Grant Quantile Regression for Multivariate Time Series Models with Functional Coefficients $99,999 Charlotte NC 0 -1
Grant R-5114A $1,928,709 Charlotte NC 13 0
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