Awards in Charlotte, North Carolina

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The total of cost of all the projects submitted by Charlotte is $71,267,499.00

Type Description Amount City State Jobs Vote
Contract The C. W. Williams Community Health Center operates a Federally Qualified Health Center at two locations in Charlotte, North Carolina.… $226,651 Charlotte NC 1 -2
Contract The grant award totals $651,310. This consists of $123,230 (Electronic Health Records 'EHR'); $289,218 (building alterations and repair); $127,901 (Health… $651,310 Charlotte NC 0 -3
Contract Evaluation panel member tasked with reviewing applications received in response to a solicitation for grant applications (SGA). $1,800 Charlotte NC 0 -2
Contract Project Based Section 8 $122,445 Charlotte NC 2 -3
Grant Arts and the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act of 2009 $50,000 Charlotte NC 0 -4
Grant CREDIT UNION LENDING $2,000,000 Charlotte NC 22 -4
Grant Development of a Low Cost Form of Maglev Tranportation Using Electrodynamic Wheels $349,134 Charlotte NC 1 6
Grant Fertility and Oral Contraceptive Use Study (FOCUS) $216,000 Charlotte NC 2 -3
Grant Criminal Justice System Improvements (JAG) $4,453,144 Charlotte NC 0 -1
Grant Biophysical Optimization of Oligonucleotide Microarrays $69,768 Charlotte NC 0 0
Grant Recovery Act Grant Program (Byrne) $483,825 Charlotte NC 0 0
Grant Etiology of Translocations in Hematopoietic Cells $253,473 Charlotte NC 2 0
Grant PARKER HEIGHTS APARTMENTS $443,651 Charlotte NC 3 -3
Grant ARRA Facility Rehab/Improvements $20,766,306 Charlotte NC 0 -2
Grant Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant $250,000 Charlotte NC 9 -1
Grant Semi-Automated 3D Geo-coding of Large Urban Structures for Deployment of Effective Emergency Response and Communication $399,995 Charlotte NC 0 0
Grant Lead Based Paint Program $2,999,903 Charlotte NC 5 -1
Grant Charlottetown Terrace Retrofit $6,200,000 Charlotte NC 0 -2
Grant A Community Participator Approach to Improving Health in a Hispanic Population $386,999 Charlotte NC 0 0
Grant COPS Hiring Recovery Program (CHRP) $8,545,950 Charlotte NC 10 1
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