Awards in Bozeman, Montana

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The total of cost of all the projects submitted by Bozeman is $20,326,299.24

Type Description Amount City State Jobs Vote
Contract Recovery - FY09 Cascade West Fork Rock Creek Road #2071 Phases III & IV Road Reconstruction. Custer National Forest; Beartooth… $2,689,739 Bozeman MT 12 0
Contract Architectural Services - Other Architects & Engin Gen $29,099 Bozeman MT 0 -1
Contract The overall goal of this SBIR Phase 1&2 effort is to develop optically pumped waveguide up-conversion modules for efficient single… $299,993 Bozeman MT 1 0
Grant CubeSat:Firebird: Focused Investigations of Relativistic Electron Burst Intensity Range and Dynamics $911,637 Bozeman MT 1 2
Grant IRES: U.S. China Collaboration on Dinosaur Eggs and Education $141,002 Bozeman MT 0 0
Grant Head Start $84,685 Bozeman MT 0 0
Grant Energetic Consequences of Fast Magnetic Reconnection $302,000 Bozeman MT 1 0
Grant Collaborative Research:Investigating the Relationship Between Pluton Growth and Volcanism at Two Active Intrusions in the Central Andes $405,236 Bozeman MT 0 0
Grant Track 1 Native Science Fellows $199,168 Bozeman MT 0 1
Grant Maximum coherence in optical transitions in rare earth ion-activated solids $110,250 Bozeman MT 0 0
Grant Characterization of a regulatory pathway controlling cereal leaf senescence $250,000 Bozeman MT 2 0
Grant Arts and the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act of 2009 $25,000 Bozeman MT 2 0
Grant BRIGE: Proposal to Study Self-Assembling Siderophore Vesicles $175,000 Bozeman MT 0 0
Grant Fellowship: Innate Immune Response to Coxiella burnetii Infection $28,776 Bozeman MT 0 0
Grant Targeted Combinatorial Therapy for Treatment of Periodontal Disease $213,750 Bozeman MT 1 0
Grant Role of Viral Infection in Prion Shedding $213,750 Bozeman MT 2 0
Grant EFRI-HyBi: Fungal Processes for Bioconversion of Cellulose to Hydrocarbons $1,998,849 Bozeman MT 0 0
Grant FY09 Recovery Act Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant Program Local Solicitation $65,741 Bozeman MT 0 0
Grant Pre-Existing iBALT Structures $213,750 Bozeman MT 3 -2
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