Awards in Jackson, Mississippi

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The total of cost of all the projects submitted by Jackson is $1,112,472,331.21

Type Description Amount City State Jobs Vote
Grant Mississippi Attorney General Rural Law Enforcement Joint Task Force $675,000 Jackson MS 0 0
Grant State Clean Diesel Grant Program (B) $1,730,000 Jackson MS 1 0
Grant Youth Workforce Training $18,687,021.00 Adult Workforce Training $7,772,797.00 Dislocated Worker Training $14,210,277.00 $40,670,095 Jackson MS 1,289 0
Grant OVW Recovery Act Transtional Housing Assistance Grants $536,734 Jackson MS 0 0
Grant Rebelwood Apts. (Pine Ridge) $624,036 Jackson MS 6 -1
Grant Regulation of Superoxide Production by the Macula Densa during TGF $217,856 Jackson MS 0 -2
Grant I-59 FROM I-20/I-59 SPLIT TO SR 19 $10,000,000 Jackson MS 0 0
Grant Windwood Apartments $123,920 Jackson MS 0 0
Grant ARRA Congregate Nutrition Services $596,849 Jackson MS 0 0
Grant Recovery through Improvement $86,419 Jackson MS 0 0
Grant MS PCO ARRA Project $44,000 Jackson MS 0 0
Grant Leaking Underground Storage Tank Trust Fund Program $3,084,000 Jackson MS 0 0
Grant Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grants $9,593,500 Jackson MS 0 0
Grant Multiplicative Computation in the Vestibulo-ocular Reflex (VOR) $48,000 Jackson MS 0 0
Grant Regulation of IL-6-Type Cytokine Cardioprotective Signaling in the Ischemic Heart $264,624 Jackson MS 0 0
Grant Community Service Employment Funded through the Senior Community Service Employment Program Authorized by the Older Americans Act. $294,321 Jackson MS 0 0
Grant NORTH HILLS APARTMENTS $382,752 Jackson MS 0 0
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