Awards in Columbia, Missouri

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The total of cost of all the projects submitted by Columbia is $37,133,566.19

Type Description Amount City State Jobs Vote
Contract Photon Initiated Thyristor Switches $625,000 Columbia MO 2 -4
Contract Services include, but are not limited to, the following elements – connecting up to two of a household’s existing coupon-eligible… $117,500 Columbia MO 8 -3
Contract Fedeal Work-Study provides need-based financial aid to students. $56,759 Columbia MO 4 0
Grant Head Start $147,569 Columbia MO 0 -1
Grant CAREER: A Computational Approach to Study Molecular Mimicry in Host-Pathogen Interactions $613,490 Columbia MO 2 0
Grant Boone County, Route 70 OR Southeast $290,000 Columbia MO 5 1
Grant Head Start and Early Head Start $297,260 Columbia MO 3 0
Grant SBIR Phase I: Heat Spreader Using Nanofluid Oscillating Heat Pipe $100,000 Columbia MO 1 0
Grant MRI: Development of a Ground-based Interferometric Radar for Infrastructure and Natural Hazards Applications $752,656 Columbia MO 0 1
Grant Predicting ion effects in RNA folding $457,394 Columbia MO 1 0
Grant Validation study of atypical dynamic pupillary light reflex as a biomarker for autism $204,525 Columbia MO 0 0
Grant Top Notch Teachers with Dual Degrees at the University of Missouri T2D2@MU $891,728 Columbia MO 1 0
Grant Calcium Phosphate Bone Cement Nanocomposites $253,976 Columbia MO 1 -1
Grant Matrix Metalloproteinase Inhibition and Specificity $204,545 Columbia MO 0 0
Grant ARRA: Development of Novel Genetic Tools for Metabolic Selection in Yersinia pestis $129,963 Columbia MO 0 0
Grant Hiring Plan for Biophysics Core Faculty Position $378,750 Columbia MO 0 -1
Grant The Role of FoxP3 in the Regulatory T Cells $72,275 Columbia MO 0 0
Grant Elucidation of HIV Env acquisition strategies - Administrative Supplement $72,900 Columbia MO 0 0
Grant Determinates of anti-HIV nucleic acid aptamer potency and resistance - Administrative Supplement $60,777 Columbia MO 0 0
Grant Efficacy of Plyometrics to Increase Bone Mass in Men $71,435 Columbia MO 0 0
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