Awards in Kansas City, Missouri

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The total of cost of all the projects submitted by Kansas City is $188,544,835.32

Type Description Amount City State Jobs Vote
Contract Development of Architectural and Engineering reports to investigate the feasibility of improving the energy efficiency of the Government occupied building… $64,617 Kansas City MO 0 0
Contract Support for stress testing applications hosted on the Current KC Web Farm, future application reporting, updates through MQ-Series software for… $1,003,443 Kansas City MO 8 -1
Contract This award was for Recovery - Ward Parkway Federal Building Improvements at the Federal Building at 8930 Ward Parkway, Kansas… $655,000 Kansas City MO 0 0
Contract Levee Inspection Program $70,400 Kansas City MO 0 0
Contract Recovery CFTA Bldg., Camp Funston Ft. Riley, Kansas $740,000 Kansas City MO 18 0
Contract Services inclusive of all supervision, labor, materials, suppplies, facilities, travel, and equipment necessary to perform Downstream Stockton Lake Archeological Investigations.… $44,840 Kansas City MO 0 -1
Contract Produce LiDAR Data for Portions of L/D 3 and L/D 3 Mitigation Sites in the State of Minnesota $39,900 Kansas City MO 0 0
Contract The Increase Demand for Services (IDS) award will help Swope Health Services alleviate the difficulties inherent in obtaining health care… $617,181 Kansas City MO 4 0
Contract ALDI Store Project - Kansas City, Missouri. Focused Phase II Targeted Brownfields Assessment. $69,841 Kansas City MO 0 -2
Contract Contract for Blue River Channel - Blue Parkway Reach at Blue River, Reference No. R00016 SKO18 $4,748,592 Kansas City MO 20 0
Contract A1710-VE Study of Keysport Levee RIP RAP at Carlyle Lake IL $6,500 Kansas City MO 0 0
Contract The nature of work under this task consists of Expert Resident consultant functions performed on-site in support of the installation,… $449,000 Kansas City MO 2 -7
Contract This work order was a follow-on to a previous work order and is for pre-design development, additional site investigation and… $205,568 Kansas City MO 1 -1
Grant Kensington Heights $307,086 Kansas City MO 0 -1
Grant Children's Center fro Clinical Pharmacology Studies $359,683 Kansas City MO 2 0
Grant Bus Replacement/PM/Facility Rehab/Security Equip $16,470,000 Kansas City MO 7 -2
Grant Federal Work-Study (FWS) Program $250,738 Kansas City MO 0 -1
Grant ARRA - Capital Improvement Program $879,440 Kansas City MO 0 0
Grant EECBG for Jackson County $483,100 Kansas City MO 0 0
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