Awards in Saint Paul, Minnesota

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The total of cost of all the projects submitted by Saint Paul is $1,595,062,847.60

Type Description Amount City State Jobs Vote
Contract Firm fixed price for cheese manufacturing $3,141,369 Saint Paul MN 0 -5
Contract Procurement analyist services $31,200 Saint Paul MN 1 -1
Contract Gavins Point Dam Intake Gate Rehab $747,617 Saint Paul MN 0 -1
Contract Replace Glazing Systems in Greenhouse 400-401, St. Paul, MN $23,456 Saint Paul MN 0 0
Contract Renovation of Buildings 1,3,7 & 8 at the Hubert Humphrey Job Corp Center in St Paul, MN. $3,432,100 Saint Paul MN 6 -3
Contract Design and Build interpretive sign displays $90,000 Saint Paul MN 0 -2
Contract Community Development (CDBG-R) $2,155,842 Saint Paul MN 0 1
Contract Quantity of 908 4X2 PICKUP, COMPACT, EXTENDED CAB, MIN 4200 LBS GVWR $11,571,464 Saint Paul MN 0 -4
Contract Repair Mechanical and Electrical Systems, St. Paul, MN $125,015 Saint Paul MN 0 -1
Contract Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing $3,298,163 Saint Paul MN 0 -1
Contract The work to be performed under Task Order No. DD01 consists of services to prepare a Design Documentation Report and… $1,988,660 Saint Paul MN 8 -4
Contract Prepare design report and construction plans and specifications for West Ashtabula Crossing Recreation Area Modernization. $104,833 Saint Paul MN 5 -2
Contract Analyze operational and design deficiencies at US Fish and Wildlife Service Dam 357 and provide recommemded solutions. $42,651 Saint Paul MN 3 0
Contract New design/build construction of a 168 room dorm at the Minot AFB. $18,860,497 Saint Paul MN 0 1
Contract loading dock rehabilitation $21,800 Saint Paul MN 1 0
Contract Delivery of qty 36 TSI Model 9525 Air Velocity Meters $19,651 Saint Paul MN 0 0
Contract Rehab and Painting of Sluice Gates at Kaw Lake Da, OK $438,868 Saint Paul MN 0 0
Grant Water Quality Management Planning $727,600 Saint Paul MN 0 1
Grant LUST American Recovery and Reinvestment Act $4,256,000 Saint Paul MN 0 -5
Grant ARRA DERA Clean Diesel Grant Program $1,730,000 Saint Paul MN 0 -1
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